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WHEAT ADVANCED In Price Last Year, While Horses and Live Stock were Lowered in Price. (Michigan firop Report.) December was a oold, wet month. The mean temperature for the State was 1.1 degrees below, in the sonthern counties 1.0 degree beïow, and in the .central coanties, 1.9 degrees below the normal. In the northern connties it was 1.0, and the upper península 0.1 degrees above the normal. In answer to the question, "Has the ground been well covered with snow dnriug December?" 170 correspondents in the sonthern counties answer "yes," and 318 "no," in the contral counties 32 answer "yes," and 131 "no," and in the otber counties 17 answer" yes, " and 80 "no. " , From the first nntil after the middle of the month the depth of snow ranged frofn 3 incbes in the sonthern to 6 inches in the uorthern counties. A thaw ocourred after on tiie 16 tb, and for several days the ground in the lower peninsula was practically bare. Near the end of the mouth sufflcient snow feil to again cover the ground. The average depth of snow in the southern counties was 5.25 inches on the 15th, and 4.26 inches on the 31st; in the central counties was 7.69 inches on the 15th, aud 2.4 inches on the 31st, and in the nothern couuties it was 10. 97 incbes on the 15th, and 2. 1 inches on the Sist. The total number' of bushels of wheat reported inarketed in December is 1,121,71, and in the flve months, Augnst, December, 5,329,724, which is 905,379 bushels less than reported marketed in the same months last year. The average condition of live stock iu the state is reported as follows, comparisou böing witb stook in good, bealthy, and thrifty condition : Horses, 92 per cont; aheep, 93 per cent; cautie, 94 per cent and swiue 97 per cent. The average prices January 1 of some of the priuc pal farm producís in the markets where fariners usually murkat sucb producís were as follows : y3l The average price of wheat was 59 cents per bushe] ; of corn 32 cents and nf oals 21 cents; and the average price of hry was $13.13 por toa.


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