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THE greatly íncreased príce of cream of tartar, the chief ingrediënt of a pure baking powder, has ín( duced some manufacturera to substitute burnt alum ( (which costs but 3 ets. a pound), largely or wholly ín lieu thereof, making a very low cost but a very unl wholesome baking powder; and great efforts are made i to foist these inferior powders upon consumers by the inducement of a lower price and by grossly false representa tions as to theír ingredíentsand comparatíve valué. Alum baking powders have been declared by the most ! competent authorítíes ínjuríous to health. Therefore j cvery precaution must be taken to keep them out of the house. They masquerade under many names, and I new brands are contínually appearíng. i It is safe to avoid all new brands. Baking powders that are sold either wholesale or retail at j a lower price than Royal are almost invariably i made from alum, and therefore not only inferior I in quality, but positively dangerous to health. S Consumers can be more certainly protected from ' alum baking powders, and make the wholesomeness of their food doubly sure, by rigidly refusing all sub stitutes for Royal Baking Powder. The Royal ís eerÍ tified by the Government and State chemists free from j alum, absolutely pure, and superlative ín leaveníng power. It ís unwise to take chances by the í use of other brands. { ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK.


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