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Ypsilantí parties Baturday reservad 8 seats for the May Festival. The engagement of Miss Emma Lutz aad Mr. Karl C. Kern is announced. The inside decoratious on the Trinity Lutheran ohurch interior are nearly Inisbed. The Washtenaw county bar's date for their banquet has been flxed for Jan. 31. P. C. Brown, of 45 Pontiac street, íell on an ioy walk Sunday and broke his left arm near the elbow. Dr. Vaughan has analyzed the water írom oity hydrants and fonnd a coli gerni, but no typhoid germs. The '97 High shoool pins have arrived at Haller's jewelry store. The design is one of a silver owl with eyes of garnets. Louis J. Leisemer becomes sole proprietor -of the Hansfreund-Post, Mr. Paul leaving to accept a position in Chicago. The dedicatory exercises 'SiiniSay at the New' Bethlebem ohurch passed off aecording to the program announced in last week's Argus. Vast congregations attended the three services. The Dexter blanket races last Friday resulted as follows: Omar Moore's "Cotton King" won the first race, Mr. Phelps' "Regalia" won the second, and Mr. Dancer's "Bnff" the third. Nine fcorses in all were eutered. Rev. T. Dewitt Talm age, D. D., the famous ex-pastor of the Tabernacle hnrch, New York, will lecttire in the S. C. A. course at nniversity hall tonight. His subject will be "My Trip Around the World" Fish Warden Bell, of Dexter, has written a letter to the state game warden asking him if "bobs" (fishing through the ice with set lines) was illegal. The reply came back that it was nd it behooves the fishers through the ice in the lakes north of Dexter to keep their weather eye on the bell. Charles Rooney, a laundryman residing on the north side, attempted suicide last Tnursday night by taking laudaMum. Rooney has been on a sprea for some time and bad traded a horse and bug#y for poorer ones and tlien sold them for $8 using the proceeds for liquor. Rooney was kept from shuñling off the mortal coil by Dr. John A. Boylan. As an evidence of the good delivery of mail from the post office in this city the following is quoted : A letter was put into the postoffice for a well known furniture dealer. His name did not appear in the address, but in lieu thereof his photograph was attached to the envelope and below it was written' ' Ann Arbor, Mich." Our mail carriers get the letters there every time and don't y ou forget it. The county board of school examiners keld a meeting Satnrday to consider the matter of annulling the teachers' certifícate of Miss Anna McDougall, who is a teacher in school district No. 7, in Ann Arbor township. The petition to annull the certificate was laid before the board by Geo.D.Mowerson, director ef the district. Mowerson claimed that Miss McDougal bad chastised his son in a manner which the circumstanêes did not warrant. The trial lasted kil day and the board decided that the eertifioate should not be annulled. Daniel Vickery has returned from Ann Arbor, where he spent a Happy New Year with an uncle and oousins. The former, Mr. Daniel B. Brown, is now 91 years old. His wife died about two weeks ago at the age of 89. They have lived together for over seventy years. Mr. Brown is the oldest resident of Washtenaw county, settling in Ann Arbor, where he now resides, in 1826. He was superintendent of the M. C. R. R. during its cunstrucotion from Jackon to Detroit, and one of the founders of the University of Michigan; being one of the present five who gave the present site. He was also one of the founders of the republican party under the old oaks at Jackson. Mr. Brown 's has been a very useful life in a most remarkable age. - Charlotte Tribune. The Humane society held its annual meeting on Sunday at the M. E. church. Humane Agent M. C. Peterson made his annual report showing that 85 horses had received his attention, 10 dogs had been killed, six prosecutions for extreme cruelty to animals. In all 116 cases had been looked after by him in the past year. The board oi direotors for the ensuing year was elected as follows: W. S. Perry, Miss Emma Bower, Mrs. C. G. Plympton. K. W. Cheever, Miss Sager, E. E. Calkins, Rev. A. Tenbrook, Mrs. J. Voorheis, S. A. Moran, J. T. Jacobs. Mrs. Hattie Skinner, B. St. James, H. J. Brown, Mrs. T. J. Goodyear. Wm. A. Brown. The society passed a resolution tbanking Mr. Peterson for his aotive work in behalf of the society. A meeting of the Washtenaw County Agricultural Society was held Saturday afternoon in the court house. The superintendents of the different departments were elected and are as follows : General Superintendent, H. P. Finley; superintendent of cattle, N. Sutton ; of draft horses, John Keppler ;of carriages and speed horses, Abraham Wallace; of swine, Sheldon Gridley ; of farming implements, Chas. Braun ; of farm ind garden, J. M. Brann; of dairy and sweetmeats, Mrs. Chas. Rose, of fruit, Evart Scott; of flowers, Mrs. J. M. Brown; of mechanical department, J. D. Ryan; of merohants' displays, J. T. Jacobs; of misoellaneous department, E. E. Leiand ; of fine arts, Mrs. J. W. Babbitt. Jas. Felluws was eleoted direotor to flll vaoanoy ca'used by the resignatioa of F. A very. Cadet teachers empioyed in the city schools will bereafter receive $10 a month. ïhree drunks were given brief sentences in jail last Saturday morning by Justice Pond. Dr. Dook has accaptod an increase of $500 in salary and will not acoept the Philadelphia position offered hun. Rev. J. C. Kimball wili lectnre bef ore the Unity club on Monday evening upon "The Coming Better Social State." Neva G. Cappell, of Milán, has commenced divorce proeeedings against Wm Cappell, alleging cruelty and nonsupport. A email blaze in the rear of RusseU's Huron street candy store oalled out the fire department Monday night. No dam age. John Hunt, an emplove of the Ann Arbor road, had his foot smashed Monday. Dr. Nanorede amputated the member. Marshal Petetson is still having trouble with oock fighters and will arrest tbem as soon as he can secure suffioient evidence to oonviot. Goethe Commandery, No. 28, U. F. of M. , will give an invitation danoe at its hall over the B. St. James' store the evening for the 30th. Farwell A. Willson died Wednesday morning at the family residence, 117 Hill street. The remains will be taken to Flint this afternoon for burial. Prof. W. B. Stiokney delivered his address npon "Nioola Tesla" it Port Huron on the 14th inst. Hon. O'Brien J. Atkinson said of him, "The lecture was fine - the man is an orator." Charles Bailfranz, jr. , of Northfield, is omtesting the will of his father, acoording to which a sister, Mrs. Caroline Bachholz, was left an 80 acre farm and Bailfranz cut off with a dollar. Hon. David A. Hammod's term as member of the state Board of Education terminates Deo. 31. C. L. Bemis, superintendent of the Ionia public school, has announced his candidacy f or the place. The choir of the Uniterian church will give a special song service on Sunday evening nest assisted by Miss May Olarken, harpist. The choir bas made 3pecial preparations for the service and lovers of music will be pleased with tho program. The Michigan Central people have 3ent out some very handsome 1896 oalsudars, one of which now ornaments aur offioe. The flgnres are large and plain, and the decoration consists of a ïne steel engraving of a scène on the Niágara Falls route. LCourt Ann Arbor, No. 1554, I. O. O. F., iuitiated seven new members and held a banquet at Hangsterfer's Monday night. A. ,-A. Weeks, of Grand Rapids, state organizer, was present on the occasion. Local merchants have been working this week to secure namesiorthe tiniversity sohool of technology in a voting oontest, the firm of Lodge & Davis Machine Co., au Ohio concern, having offered a $1,500 lathe to the technology school whioh will secure the most votes. Mayor "Pingree barked up the wrong tree when he sent the copies of the Detroit Free Press and Journal witb his late message blue penciled. with the hope they would receive favorable notice. Piugree may be quite big potatoes but the Argus is not booming repoblican gubernatorial oandidates just yet. The Michigan State association of Farmers' Clubs will hold its annual meeting at Lansing, Feb. 4th and öth. The Webster Farmers' Club appaers upon the program in a disoussion of "The Evils to the Taxpayer-Resulting froru Recent Legislaation. " The Saline Farmers' Club will take part in the discussion of Hon. J. T. Campbell's paper, "Is the Service Rendered by the State IDepartment Commensurate with the Cost Inoreased?" The typhoid oases at the nniversity hospital are given heroic treatment. The patients are placed in cold water and ice is allowed to melt and fall on their heads. This dripping from the ioe is continuad for about ten minutes and then the patiënt is placed in a hot bath. It would seem as if the shock sustained would kill rather than cure and in normal conditious the results inight be very disastrons. But it is claimed that the remedy is the very best one that has ever been hit upon for the treatment of the disease. Marshal Peterson was informed Tuesday that the engineer on the Ann Arbor train which arrivés from the north at noon had blown his whistle almost incessantly after arrival inside the city limits. The marshal notified the looa! agent that if the thing was attempted again he should take the engineer from his train and, place him under arrest. The agent telegraphed to Whitmore Lake and told the engineer of Wednesday's train that he had better confine the news of his arrival in town to the ringing of the bell. The stookholders of the Michigan Furniture Co. held their annual meeting Tuesday evening and eleoted directors for the ensuing year as follows : W. D Harriman, Leonard Gruner, C. E. His cock, Moses Seabolt, E. E. Beal, Martin Halier, Paul Snaubel. The directors met after their election and Mr. Harriman was chosen president, Mr. Gruner vioe-president ; CE. Hiscock, secretary Paul Snaubel, superintendent. The oonoern is in a flourishing oondition ane employs one hundred hands. It is ott of debt and pays a regular semi-annual dividend. JDuebel Bros.' íictoring mili at Soio, urne1 early yesterdüV nioruing. H. B. Gannon has been bired to coupy thechair of history in the high chool, vice Miss June Carpenter reigned. Willis R. B1ÍS8 comrnenced divorce roceedings yesterday against Mary A. 31iss. The ciouple were married in Dexter. Desertion is charged. The remains of Mrs. Mary M. Allen were brought to tuis oity from Detroit Monday for bunal in Forest Hill cerntery. The deceased was formerly a esident of this city. Ex-Sheriff Dwyer has withdrawn 'rom Register of Deeds McKinstry's lond and Mr. McKinstry is hustling around Ypsilanti with the hope of findng five bondsinen. He had two last uight. In St. Andrew's church next SundaF morning the Rev. Henry Tatlock will" peak on "The Offer of the Episcopal 3hurch Towards Christian Unity and ;he Rev. Dr. dnntington's Proposition Oonoerning it " Arthur Brown, the new senator from Jtah, is a U. of M. gradúate an old riend of Arthur Brown, ex-county lerk. Mr. Brown, of Utah, is said to ïave the good fortune to resemble Mr. Brown, of Washtenaw. Miss Jennie Davis, sister of Mrs. G. W. Sweet, died Dec. 19 in China, of jlaok small pox. The deoeasi,d went to 3hiua as a missionáry last October. ahe was 23 years of age and her early death is canse for general regret. Mrs. E. Lindsley, mother of Mrs. 3aul Snanble, of this city, was found ead in bed at her home in Saline townhip, Monday morning. She had been n failing health some time. Mrs. jindsley was one of the old pioneers of Saline. Wm. Walsh was surprised Monday aight by a large delegation of friends ropping in on him in the evening, it leiug his birthday aDniversary. The iriends lefc a lastiug momento of their 'riendship in the way of a handsome eather seated antiqne oak chair. Studente have a novel way of enjoyng themselves by what they oall a ' trolley party. " They pay their f ares ba;k and forth on a street car aDd one ight recently took possession of a Gekard street car in this way and rode ack and forth from 8 to 11 o'clock. Mrs. Esther Hayden, widow of the ate William Hayden, died at her home, 0 Geddes ave, Wednesday morniDg, of eneral debility, aged 81 years. The uneral will ocenr tomorrow morning rom St. Thomas' chnrch and interment will take place in St. Thomas' cemetery. Geo. W. Monroe and New York company will appear at the opera house 3aturday night in a farce entitled "A ïappy Little Home." Mr. Monroe is snown far and wide as a successfnl mirth prqyoker and all who enjoy a iearty laugh should be in attendance. Herbert Randall, the photographer, las issned a volume of poems entitled 'Elm City," the verse being well fxjrnisbed with fancies from New Haven, he "Elm City," where Mr. Randall pends most of bis time. The volume s beautifully illustrated with halfones. Mandamus prooeedings are supposed o be about to issue making it necesary for the board of regents to show ause why the homeopathie department s not removed to Detroit, as the legisature enaotcoeut requires. The regents will contend on the previously annotinced ground that the legislature had no legal right to take the action it did. The Michigan Clnb meets at Detroit, Tebruary 21, this year. Banquet tickets sell at $2 as usual. The railroads have ust agreed on one and one third f are, on he oertiftoate plan, for the round trip. Speakers from among the nation's best wil) addrpss the "Club." Those republicans who will attend will please register with Librarían Vanee, or C. jincoln MoGuir, Sec'y U. of M.Repubioan club. Adolph Rausohen berger, of Northield, while driving home Wednesday night in company with some other men was thrown from a wagon near the Miohigan Central bridge on Detroit street. Rauschenberger had his nose, jaw and ;irm broken and leg fractnred. He was oonveyed to the hospital and ais recovery this morning was considered probable. Another man in the wagon by the name of Henry Paul had bis head cut. A new line of Baby Carriages at Martin Haller's. Come and see them and take notice how oheap we can sell you one this year.