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Pittsfield Branch Opens March 20

Wed, 02/01/2006 - 10:23am by josie

We are pleased to announce that the Pittsfield Branch on Oak Valley Drive will open on Monday, March 20, 2006. This library branch, the first in the district to be built outside of the city limits of Ann Arbor, is located in Pittsfield Township at the headwaters of Malletts Creek.

A reading room, to be named the Homer Chance Reading Room, honors the former Ann Arbor Public Library director who initiated branch expansion in the district while serving as director from 1951-1977. Group study and tutoring rooms, computers, a casual study area with vending, a meeting room, and outdoor seating area will be available.

The collection is new and will feature new formats as they are introduced into the marketplace, as well as traditional materials such as books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and magazines. Access to the collection will be enhanced by self checkout and a 24/7 material pickup system.

The Library continued its committment to build responsibly and sustainably on this site. The building takes full advantage of a southern exposure on the front and will be cooled and heated convectively when conditions are favorable. We have used recycled content, low energy content, and content from renewable resources in our building material choices. We will restore and manage areas including the existing watercourse, Malletts Creek, and a wetland on the property.

The building designed by Luckenbach|Ziegelman Architects PLLC, constructed by Skanska USA Building, Inc. and landscaped by InSite Design Studio, Inc. cost 8.3 million dollars. The cost for the 16,500 square foot project on 5.74 acres include: the property purchase, site development, construction, furnishings, and the new collection.

The library levies 1.94 mills and uses 1.6 for operations. The remaining .34 mills is used for buildings and other capital expenses. Voters approved a levy of 2.0 mills in perpetuity for the library district in 1995.

Please join us at Pittsfield Branch the week of March 20 to celebrate the opening of a new location in YOUR library system.

Pittsfield Branch Information


We just drove by there. It looks beautiful!

Are you sure it's going to be open six weeks from now!? It looks like they haven't even finished taking down the Tyvek sheeting. You guys are going to be busy!

I was wondering how this new branch will be staffed. I have not seen any job ads. Do you only hire from within?

Since July 2005 100% of our regular, benefited positions have been internal hires although all were posted. However, we post many casual positions. Our current job opportunities can be found from the employment link under the About Us section of the website.


While experience is a factor in the hiring process, it is one of many, and not necessarily the most important one. If you have had personal experience with AADL's hiring process that you consider unsatisfactory, I recommend that you contact Human Resources at 327-8304.

I called the library on Saturday afternoon three weeks ago to ask the hours for that day and been told that it is open to 9 pm on Saturday. Experience at AADL does not seem to be the most important factor. What are the most important factors in the hiring process?

It depends on the job. I'm sorry if the person who answered the phone gave you incorrect information. Perfection is not a requirement for employment at AADL.

Again, if you have a personal issue with our hiring process, please call us at 327-8304.

Can't wait till the library opens! But what about the kids walking and biking from both directions on Oak Valley Drive? Will there be a sidewalk?

A sidewalk on library property will connect to the existing walk to the north at the Ice Cube. We will also have a sidewalk to our property line to the south. Sidewalks are built by the developer when construction occurs. We don't know the timeline for sidewalks on Oak Valley for properties owned by others.

The Washtenaw County Road Commission and Pittsfield Township have agreed to place a pedestrian crossing on Oak Valley drive with caution lighting and a pedestrian refuge. This crossing will be to the south of the Library and will connect with an existing paved path that connects with neighborhoods.

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