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An answer has been filed in the circuit couri by the water works company to the bill of the Ann Arbor Milling Co., in wbich the oompany had claimed that the water works was using the water from the river, to the supply of whioh they had no right. The water ooinpany denies that it draws its water supply ohiefly frotn the Huron. It claims that the new wells and water gallery give it all the water it needs for the city, and that thesprings are separ ated from the river by a bank of blue olay. The claim ík made that the river water is used only for condensing steam, using about 60, 000 gallons daily, much of which is returned to the rivor. The rights of the water company were acquired, according to the answer flled, in 1885, those to the milling company in 1893, while the predecessors of the milling oompany made no objeotions iu any way to the operations of the oompany. The water eompany claim that the use of the water by the milling company is artificial, while that of the water company is natural, and therefore superior. The claim is mae that the Huron above the milis is a meandered stream. On this olaim and the one that the amount of wator used by the water works is inflnitisimal the company will base its defense against the claims of the milling company.


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