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Tbe Península Soap Co., of Ann Arbor, has deoided to díe legally, as a oororation. It fonnd that where there were so many printers, there was too mnch lie, and too little fat, to properly assimilute, and make either a hard or oft artiole. Let soap its affairs were n snoh shape that no one was left in lie Huds. The oolored man at Ana Arbor, who snatches dogs that haven't observed the MoKinley law and paid a lioense to live and produce bark, has gobbled the pug nrp owned by Deusmore Cramer. 't has no tag arouud its ohucky, wheeey show the city clerk's oonsent to canine existenoe for future uses as flavoring extract in the oity's water snpply ; and Cramer is so mad that all ie can do is to shake bis fist at the ooon and oall him "d - black niggei." Tbe dog grabber retorts, '"Yes sah, Ise onllud, but it pears like you done been out in de sun, Mistab Cramer." Louis Tnbbs, of Dexter, aued the Michigan Central road, and after hearing the evidence, Judge Kinne took the case from the jury and direoted a verdict for the oompany. Tubbs took the case frons Kinne and asked the su preme oourt what they thought of such a ruling, and that body tipped Kinne's ruling upside down, put Tubbs back in to court and told 'em to let a jury pass on the claim. Then the oompany pulled arouud by the back door and settled, and Tnbbs is said to have reoeived $4,000. He believes all Tubbs should stand on their own chime end, and not be rolled over on their ears.


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