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Monroe Doctrine From The Democrat

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Unole James K.Jeffery.of Rome, who has resohed the age of 03 year, is aud is ' likely to last the ceutury out, has taken ! the AdriƔn Press ever siuce it was ' started. What tremendous constitutions some mea possess ! "Were ara my hat?"was fhe reinark of a Ypsilanti deputy sheriff the other uight, when in a row which b tried to qnell, betwpen Normal and University student, te was knooked over and lost hie soft sombrero official golgotha. The editor of the Ann Arbor Courier brnsbes his pantaloons and says: ''The person who oould walk any distance last Thnrsday morning and maintain a perpendicular, was a good one. " The Democrat does not recalljthe natrire of the celebration on that day at Ann Arbor. Two students - gent and oo-ed - and a lady, receutly separated" themselves from an Ann Arbor skating party and dropped down throngh a conveuient hole to ascertain what the frogs thought of leap year. As soon as they were noticed sitting on the bottotn of the liver, interviewing the fiogs, there was excitemeut on the surfaoe and they were rudely jerked out and admonished. They were plainly told that they bad ought to have known better than to sit there and soak uu the river, when an injunctiouhad already been served to restrain the diversion of the water froru the inills. An Ann Arbor law student, just in froin the west, was seized of the belief that he was a hypnotist, and tried it on theboys. It worked every time. Every subject he tonched wilted like a pig weed under a roast.'JHs's notjhypnotizing any more. He is resting his legs after a ten mile ohase to overtake and "reoover";'a subject j who he made see a snake. The subject hid around a corner, but the "professor" didn't know it and with the wind of a greyhound followed.but neither by sigbtnor by scent, till.frightened and foot sore.he gave up the chase and expected to be tried for murder. having been told that the subject would run himself to death. He has now learned how it all was, and the fire of ambition bas left his eye and he gazes on his fellows with the leaden apathy of ernshed ambition.


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