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Guilty Or Not Guilty

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BSSSTSaMeiisaëfa assásscíiaas ügeössiiöcec1 í D1SEASED MEIN CURED g H TUniieHUríPof vonng raen, middle aged men and oíd men can look back at u m nllUOnlluO théir boyhood days or early manhood with a sigh of remoree. H S The ignorance of enrly yonth, or Ínter on a misfipent liie tis "one of the boys has sown i 5 thesoedsforfniuresuffering. SELF ABUSE isa terrible sin against nature .and 11 will bring a rich harves Blood and Private Di eases sap the very kfe and vitality 1 II of iho viotim. Our NEW METHOD TREA1 MENT will positively cure all the 10 Q ing diseases: 6 5 VARICOCELE, EMISSIONS, NERVOUS DEBILITY, SYPHILIS, STRICTURE, GLEET, SEMINAL K NESS, PIMPLES, LO T MANHOOD, UNNATURAL K 6 DISCHARGES, KIDNEY AND BLADDER DISEASES. & í M r ÍDC Vnil í NERVOUS and despondent; weak or debilitated; tired morn'ngs; no J S AnClUU' lunbition- lifeless! memory poor; easily fatigued; excitable and ■ It table: eyee sunken, rad and blnrred; pimples on face; dreams and night losees; SI UI hacgard looking; weak back, bone pains; hair looee; ulcere; sore throat; U If cele; depositin orine and draine at stool; distrustful; want of confidence; lack of f% Oí energy imd CAN CURB YOU Of? ASK NO PAY. jS CURES GUARANTEED OR NO PAY- CONFIDENTIAL S. K SNATCHED FROM THE GRAVE. tjpXp. i Cl doctors and nerve tonics by the score without benefit; emissions aud urains increased. [ I ber-ame a nervons wreck. A friend who had bepn cnred by Drs. Kennedy & Kergan OL l7 of a similar disease, adTieed me to try them. I did so and in two months was # EH iy cnred. This wan eiglit years ago. I am now married and have two bealthy j% fm ren."- G. W. LEiVIiS, iíagmaw, 2 Ik lRDIOnOCIC füDCn "Varicocele made life miserable. I was weak and ID iflnluUbtLL uUnCU. nervous, eyes sunken, bashf ui in society, hair thm, f Ja noambition. The 'Golden Monitor' opened my ej'es. The New Mgthodrreatment of q W ürs. Kennedy and Kergan cured me in a few weeks.- 1. L. PETísKfeüN, loma, fe üMICCinUC nilDCD EMERSON relates his experience. "I lived on O O tíslIdOlUrSO tíUlitUi a farm. At school I learned an early habit. which W IT weakened me physically, sexuaUy and mentally. Family doctors saidl was going Ug into 'decline' (consumption.) -í'iually 'The Golden Monitor,' edited by I)rs. Kennedy bjt IN & Kergan, fell into m y hands. I learned the TRUTH and the CAUSE. Belf-abuse K? liad sapped my vitality. I took the New Method Treatmeut and was cnred. My p m friendsthinkíwascaredofconsumpt.ion. I have sent them many patients, all of W IS whoni were cnred. Their New Method Treatment Bupplies vigor, vitality and ff ■K manhood." f 2 cvnUIIIC nilDCf) "This terrible blood di6ease was in my system for eight ■■ fc olrnlLIO bUni. U years. Had taken mercury for two years, but the disease _a tS returneü. Eyes red, pimples and blotches on the skin, nlcers in the month and on jg In toncue, bone pains, fallmg out of hair, weakness, etc. My brother, who had been D IH cured of üleet and Strirtnre by Drs. Kennedy and Kergan. recommended them. ■" ID They cured me in a few weeks, and 1 thank God 1 consultad them. No return of the O [ disease in six yers."- W. P. M., Jackson. % P 1 7 YEARS IN DETROIT, 200,000 CURED. NO RISK. I nrAnFDI Are yon a victim? Have you lost hope? Are yon contemplatiii te If ritAUtnl marriage? Has your blood been diseased? Have you any weakness i f rS Our New Method Treatment wiL cnre yon. What it has done for others it will do for j. K (iUnlAM'UsÊS-v!ÏTSrTTlSÖNSENT. fi B VATË Nomediclnesent CO. D. No ñames on boxes "■ K ooes ' Everything confldèntial. Questlon list and cost of Q U Treatment FREE. g 1 nno VCMMCnVs ÉfCDPAy No.l48SHELBYST. S


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