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for Bnfants and Children. THIRTY years' oliaervation of Castoria with the patronage ot milliona of peraona, permit n to apeafc of it withont enessing. It is nnqnestiona'bly the best remedy for Infanta and Children the world lta ever knovm. It ia harmless. Children lifce it. It givea them health. It will save thelr livea. In it Mothera have ■omething ■nrhioh i atsolntely safe and practically perfeot a a ohild'a medicine. Castoria deatroya Ayorm. Caatoria allays Feverishnea. Castoria prevents vomitJng Sonr CnrL Castoria onres Diarrhcea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieve Teething Tronble. Castoria cnrei Constipation and Flatnlenoy. Caatoria nentraliges the effects of carhonio acid gas or poisonona air. Castoria does not conlain morphine, opinm, or other narcotic property. Castoria assimilates the food, regnlates the stomach and frowela, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria ia pnt np tn one-size bottles only. It ia not aold in Imlfc. Pon't allow any one to ell yoq anythine ol'Q O" the pl" or promü that it ia "jast as good" and "will anawer every pnrpoae." Seo that yoó get C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A. The fac-simUe S7? f7_i-í. 1onavry ■tgnatnre of C&sfjZyr ÁZS jjpfá wrapper. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.


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