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Japanese Occultism

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You talk about the miracles of ludia, bnt Japauese occultisiu isn't to be despised. The Indiau adept will throw a rope iuto the air aud lasso an iruagiuary peg, (hcu olimbop the rope, throw it still higher and clhnb a secoud time, ifter which he wil] disappear ahogether. That is veiy well, aud I shoul.l like to see it doiie. Herrmanu says he eau dnplioate most things, hut I iruagiue he would be pnzJed by this feat. The Japaneso adept is uot behiudhaud with his wonders, He has a ladder, and iu place of the ordiuary rmig.s hehas 13 swords as sbarp as razors. Af ter a lot of iuetiutatiuus he bsgins to moniit the ladder and doesu't stoptintil hereaches theuppeiruost ruug. I dori't thiuk I should like to doit with bare feet, bnt it would be a deiïght to see sorue one else do it whoao feet are not as valuablo as mine are - to rue. The old sona ruus. "Idou't


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