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Still In A Monastery

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Montreal, Fjb. 13.- Montreal exciseHien have 6üZíd au illicit stillatthe Trapist monastery at Ok% For some eighten months pust the officials of the inland ovenue departmout were awaro of the act that quite a lot of whisky was comng into town f rom the seltlemout of Oka. t was known that a certain druggist in his city was receiving from thero more whisky than could naturally be sold for medicinal purposes, and that Oka was not a way station from any big distillery. Juring those oighteen raonths tho source f the whisky coming from that locality was only guessed at, but it was thought teps should be taken to sottle tho mysery. Consequontly Mr. Brabant, inland evenue officer, accompanied by an assist ant, went to the monascury and made a earch. They found a fuU-flodged whisky till of twenty five gailons por day at work n the monasrery. Knew Not of It. The superiors admittud the matter ooked serious, but claimed tbe whisky was distillod without their knowledge. Seizing thismachiuory, the inland revenue officers returned to Montroal. Later on ;wo monks from Oka called at the inland revenue office here and offered to pay tho Ine for the illicit distillation of tho whisky. They were roforred to the governinent at Ottawa. The Trappist monastery in questiou is a large concorn. It s on a farm, 1,000 acres in extent, in which are a cheese factory, a dairy, and sawmills. The monastery runs a hotel which does a good business during the summor months. The monks make considerable wine. Last season they bought eight carloads of grapes, which they converted into wine, and during the saine period sold about 30,000 gallons of wine. The matter is now before tho government.


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