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A Box Car

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It is probable that ín spite of the fact tliat one-twentioth of the population of this couutry is dependent to a large exteiit upon railways for the money it has to spend but very few people know ruuch about the cost of railway transportaron. Por instauce,. there are few business men wlv -;au say what the cost of an ordinary bus car is or how much it sosts its owner a year. As a matter of face such a car costs about $500. The wear and tear which has to be repaired costs on an average abont $20 a year. The av erage life is 13 years, and at the end of this time the car will be worth about $80 for scrap, so the annual cost for renewal, or the annual sinking fund, will be about $25. The railway owning the car has to maintain shops to repair its rolling stock and that of other roads, and it is probably about correct to estímate the wear and tear of tools while repairing the car at 4. It has generally been the custom to add 10 per cent to bilis for work done for outside parties as compensation for the use of tools, or a little more than the estímate of $4 made abuve. Taxes will add another $4 to the annual cost of a car, and interest at 6 per cent adds $30 more. Henee it will be seen than the anuual cost of a box car to the owner is abont $83. If the car is assumed to be in the shop 30 days, it will be in service 335 days, and its cost per öay of service is nearly 25 cents. A fiat or góndola car costs about $450 originally, and a similar series of estimates will show that its annual cost is about $75, and its daily cost about 22.4 cents


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