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Sleighing again. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Smith are the happy parents of a son. Chas. Hauby, of Dixboro, spent Sunday with Mattie Spieyelbery. It is a little early for "sugar snow. " This rnast mean aaother run of sleighing. W. C. Collins is going to the TransTaal, África, to take charge of a gaug f miners. S. B. Nickels retires from the meat Market firm of J. B. Nickels & Son and will attend strictly to his ice business. The last Pupil s' Concert of the first Semester was given Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, in Frieze Memorial hall. Next Monday evening Dr. Harold Wilson, of Detroit, will lecture before the Unity club upon the relations of olor to human emotion. Miss Bridget Ryan, formerly of this city, died at the home of her sister, Miss Catherine Ryan, in Northfield, last Thursday, aged 70 years. The real estáte belonging to the late James Sage, of Lodi, will be sold at public vendue on Tuesday, the 24(h day of March. Legal notice in another olumn. According to the new oonnty direotOry the saloons in the connty outside of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti are apportioned as follows : Saline 3, De:ter 5, Chelea 6, Milan 2. Manchester 5. The Michigan editors leave February 15, for a trip to the city of Mexico, a trip of 6,000 miles through summer elimes and beautifnl scenery. The trip will oost $79, and last a month. Bennie, 8-years-old son of Myron Bailley, of Salem township, while riding on a sleigh last week Thursday, had a outter box tip over on him, cutting his head very badly. He was unconscious for three hours. Several of the Argus' exchanges are printing that hoax about Dr. Carrow plaoing a watch crystal in a man 's eye to keep out inflammation. It is remarkable how, much more a flrst rate lie will get disseminated tban an actual truth. The auction held a week ago yesterday on the farm of the late George N. B. Renwick, in Salem township, was attended by about 600 people. The crowd was so large that the oufi'ee at noon ran shy. All the chattels sold at a fair price. Jerry Scott, tbe fiend who whipped his cbüd to death at Jaoksoa and was ipeediJy genteneed to state's prison for life, formerly lived in Ypsilanti. While there Scott's wife presented him with triplets and the town showered all kinds of presents npon the mother. Reinenyi, who recently appeared in Ann Arbor.did a very graceful thing t Tecumseh. A lady who was too ill to be in attendance upon his concert was eurprised to receive a visit from the violinist next morning, and he played several of his b3st oompositions for ber delectation. Mrs. Deborah A. Tower, an old resdent of Lodi, died at the home of her daughter, Miss Louisa M. Tower, 91 State street, on Sanday, aged 80 years. One son and two daughters are left to mourn her losa. Tbe funeral services were held from the house ïnesday morning, Rev. Wm. E. Caldwell officiating. Burial took place in the Lodi cemetery. Owing to the faot that Max O'Rell intends to sail for Europe in April, it was decided to change his dato on the S. L. A. course and he will appèar tomorrow evening. This change necessitated Henri Watterson's appearance later in the course instead of last night, as had been scheduled. The Louisville editor will speak in March. At a meeting uf St. Thomas' congregation Sunday morning, a committee was appointed to obtain subscriptions for a new Catholic church. It was decided that the foundation would be laid tbis surnmei1, provided enough money was pledged. The superstructure would be added as soon as further fnnds were forthcoming. The oommittee appointed consisted of David Rinsey, Martin Seabolt, Edward Duffy, J. D. Ryan and Rev. Father Kelly. The original complaint against C. P McKinstry for embezzlement has been withdrawn, and a new warfantr issued in the case. The new warrant is under a later statute.which does not make it incumbent upon the prosecution to prove a felonious intent, but makes it a prima faoie case up.oo tbe failure of the offloer to turn over all monies at the expiration of his office. Mr. McKinstry waived examination and furnished $1,500 to appear in the circuit court upon the new charge. Ont of the six foramost candidates whom the Republicans are talking for their gubernatorial standard bearer, the two Washtenaw are supposed to be most interested in, from a geographical point of view at least, are Harry A. Conant, of Monroe, and Hon. James O'Donnell, of Jackson, who represented the second oongressional district when Jackson was a portion of this district. It has been stated that from present indications Mr. Conant will have 90 votes on the jstart in the convention while Mr. O'Donnell will have 55. The number of votes to secure a nomination will be, it is thought, 417, and the number of delegates in the convention 832. Washtenaw county is oonsidered favorable to either Mr. Conant or Mr. O'Donnell, bnt neither side yefc inakes ny claim to it. See the Midwinter Circus. It is worth coming to town to see. The Midwinter Circus will give another parade tomorrow noon. Someone leaned against John Fritz's saloon window Wednesday and broke the plate glass. Emma.the three-months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Spies, died Wednesday evening. Ralph McAllaster will locate in Ann Arbor, and has bought a lot on the Hall addition and will soon erect a house. Miss Elizabeth Cebulski.of Manchester, and Frank E. Camp were married at the bride's home Wedneday morning. Luther W. Boylan died at his home, 3 Mili street, Wednesüay morning, aged 72 years. He leaves two children, Dr. John A Boylan and Mrs. N. D. Gates. Early Wednesday evening while a large crowd were upon the seats on the south side of the nnk the seats gave way and the crowd were precipitated to the floor. Luckily no one was injured but it was a miraculous escape tor all. It was decided at MonJay night's meeting of the council to pay the labor claims against the city. E. B. Norris, for the Farmers' & Mechanica' Bank, informed fche oouncil that the bank would take legal steps to colleot its claim. A motion was argued befoie Judge Kinne at Monroe Wednesday for a changa of venue in the contemplated suit of the univereity against the heirs of the late Z. T. Lewis, in reference to the art collection. Judge Kinne denied the motion. Mathias Bach, brother of the late Philip Bach, died Tuesday afternoon at the home of his brother-hi-law, Philip Lohr, 34 Packard street, aged 77 years. The deceased had been in ill health for some time. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon, Rev. Max Hein officiating. Some time ago the Ann Arbor Organ Co. offered a $10 prize for the best catch line for the Clifford piano, to be used for advertising purposes. Chas. R. Morey, a freshman, from Charlotte, wrote, "The Clifford tone is a high toned tone" and he was this week awarded the prizë. Wm. Bnrtless, supervisor fiom Manchester, took both the Red Cross and Temple degrees with Ann Arbor Knight TempJars', on Tuesday evening. Be tween the cnnferring of the two degrees there was a sumptuous banquet. About eight Knights from Manchester assisted in the conferring of the two degrees. S. P. Ballard, the Willis bard, celebrated the goldon anniversary of wedded bliss on Monday. If the Ypsilantian and Sentinel are late this week it will no doubt be because of the unsuccessful struggle on the part of their compositors to wrestle with the quires of poetry which no doubt graced the post praudial features of the affair. A parade of the Light Infantry headed by the band at noon Wednesday announced that the Mid-Winter Circus opening day had arrived. The parade was a winner and the show is a great success in every way. The features are as good as in a circus performance, and the work cf Harkins and Granger must be seen by everybody who enjoys a good laugh. Count Magre, the 30-inoh Italian, who stepped into General Tom Thumb'R shoes eleven years ago as the husband of the wornan, who still to the public retains the name of her first husband and who was recently seen in this city, bas place-I au order and had measurements taken for what will be the stnallest bicycle on record. It will be constructed of the finest maierials and will cost $250. The dimensions are a 14-inch wheel and 12-inch frame and it is to weigh not to exueed ten pounds. Special casts and dies will have to be made. He was inclined to forego the luxury, when Mrs. Tom Thumb, who was greatly delighted. insisted. She bears indications of catching the f ever. - Times. Rivarde played the violin at the University hall Tuesday night in suoh a manner as to insure his future warm reception here. The audience was simply under the spell of his bow, and he played into the hearts of all his auditors. Rivarde does not think much of Theodore Thomas. In Detroit Monday night where Rivarde appeared with the Thomas orchestra, the two had a misunderstanding, and the little Spaniard was for shutting up his violin box and bolting the concert. However, Thomas acquiesed to the seleotions Rivarde desired but his musicians played them in a puzzle for the dreamy eyed youth. That made him bot and he called Thomas a oad in all the newspapers in Detroit. At the council meeting Monday evening Aid. Koch presented a minority report from the committee on printing the report recently made by the board of works. Aid. Koch used the weapon of sarcasm to good advantage. He said that the board of works' report had assured the council of the high standard of excellence whioh obtains in its several departments, and that it had referred to the oomtnon council as a body of political healers and that the board had been obliged to imbibe its bitter instructions piece meal, like paregoric, as the infant of the nursery at its loving mother's knee. The alderman did not believe in oirculating among its admirers, "this egotistioal effusion called the annual report of the public works. " The council placed the report of the board of works on the table and those who desire to peruse it will find it on file With the city clerk. Lawrence McCleer, of Gregory and Miss Nellie Gibney, of Unadilla, were married Wednesday morning at the Catholic church, Pinckney, the ceremony being witnessed by about 800 guests. Justice Pond disposed of the following drunks this week : Monaay, Thop. Collins three days in jail; Ambrose Thomas, two days; on the 101 h, Christian Haist, five days; Herman Knapp, 90 days in Detroit house of correction as a oommoon tippler; yesterday, James Deluney and John Kelly, two and three days respect) vely. Charles and Augusta Bucholz were brought before Justice Pond on Wednesday to answer to a charge of assault and battery preferred by Bertha Portwioe. The latter claimed that she went to see Mrs. Bucholz, who is her sister, recently and during her stay tbeie was a misunderstanding during which her sister threw some cooking cabbage and other patables into her face. The lady said that cabbage was not improved by mixing with portwine in auy such sort of a way. She also claimed that Bucholz picked up a chair in a threatening manner. Justice Pond adjoorned the case to a future hearing. Jont Tbacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Away. The truthful, startling title of a book about No-to bae, the only harmh-ss. oufiranted toDacco habit cure. If you want to quit and can't, use "No-tobac." Bracea upnicotinized nerven, eliminates nicotine poissons, makes weak men gaiu streniïth, weight and Tigor. Positiye cure or money refunded. Sold by H J. Brown, druggtsf. Bookat druggist, or mailed free. Arfdress The Sterli g liemedy Co., Chicago office 45 Kandolph St. ; New ïork 10 Spruce St. An immodest undressed Milan pig weighed 800 lbs. Jas. Oauntlett, a Milan merchant, has a heart as big as all outdoors. Jerry Johnson, an Ypsilanti darkey, made away with a coat and vest while "shopping" in Gauntletts' store. When the offloers overhauled Johnson at Ypsilanti they found the clothing and a pair of baby shoes and a hat which had been stolen. The Milan merchant when the officers brought the shoes back, said that the toddier should have its little rnahogany toes properly enoased and sent her a new pair of baby shoes. Johnson was fined $10 when arraignpd n justice oourt. If the Baby Is Cuttlng Teeth Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy. Mrs Winslow's Soothing Syrup for chndren teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pai", cures wind colic and is the best r'-medy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle.