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Disastrous Freight Wreck

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Rochesteb. N. Y., Feb. 13.- A fatal freigrht wreek, dufl to an open switcli, oocurred at 12:30 Wednesday morning, ubouc four miles east of F airport, on the N'uv York Central railroad. An stock train oL twenty-fivo cars was running at a speed oí uventy-five miles an hour wben, at Macedón swauip, it collided with a westbound freight of seventeen cars. Six Cftrloaiïs of steek wem scattered over the four tracks and one earload of horses were turned loose. Sixteen horses ran over to the West Shore tracks, where a number were killed by a passing train. Eight cars weru wrecked in the westbound train. Both engines were totiilly wrecked and lie ander the cars and mass of debris. Fred Hosford of this city, fireman on tlie wet-bound train, w:is found lying dead jammed against the boiler of his engine. Engineer I Thomas Weber of the east-bound train, whoruns east f rom Buffalo and lives in South Greece, is stil) in the wreek and supposed to be dead. Fireman Wood of the east-bound train, who livos in Dewitt, is buried in the wreek and is prolably dead. William Gundensebus, a brakeman of Rochester, was burie 1 under the wreek and removed un conscious. He is badly hurt. D. C. Wileon, brakemnn, was found badly cut about the faee and almost frozen todeath. Engineer Pliillips, the west-bound engineer, of this city, was found in a field fifty feet from the disaster, stunned. He was unable to teil how ho camo there. Hi8 fireman was Hosford, who was instantly killed.


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