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To Name Springfield's Four Hundred

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It has been seven years siuce a Bine Book was printed, and in that time there have been many social changes. Some have dropped ont of the charmed circle, soroe of the bnds have developed into matroris, while others are still serving as bridesrnaids. And some of the plebeians have acqnired property or gained culture and are knocking for admission at society's gate. All that is needed is official recognition. We need a Bine Book, the stars to indicate the grade of patricians. It will be well for the compiler to remain nnidentified until the book has been published, and then, as in the previous case, to promptly leave town - to go far away and stay away. The Price & Lee company, which has been compiling dry and accurate directories of Spriugfield, has the temerity to annouDce that it isprepared to classify Springfield society. The preliminary circulars are ont. Now is the time to get into line if yon want a three star grade in the firmament of the Ponr Hnndred. The Blue Book enumerator has not started on her ronnds yet. Entertain and go to entertainments. The sheep and goats are to be divided, and it may again be seven years before another Blue Book divisiĆ³n is made. -


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