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Parrots I Have Known

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It is very cnrions to observe the peculiar way i;i v, hieh these birds learn their lessous. When a fresh word is being aoqnired, at first (thongh nót always) the word is miFcalled, and the parrot will coiistautly rppeat it, just like a child practiciug a lesson, becoruing perfect by f'ü-trrees. ïht'ii, when qvutemastered, the word is put away as it wère, at the back of its memory, to ba brotight forward vrhen n qnired, two or three years sometimes eiapsiug before the occasion arisss. Home easy words it is fonud quite useless to eiideavor to teach the bird ; for ihstauoe, for years tüe words "ïhauk yon ' ' have been said to her when giving her fooi!, bnt she uever has ouce nttered them on receiving ir. On one occasion though, on seeing soaie delicacy being given to the cat, she ïeinarked in a reproving voiee, "Thank you. " "Qood nioruing" and"GrOod nighf'are constautly said at the proper times, but a heavy London fog perplexes her ; she hesitates-1 which to say sometimes, endine the matter on a dark niorninsr bv


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