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Eastern Africa

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Professor Angelo Heilprin, the distinguished physicist, indorses the statement made by Dr. Gregory of the BritIsh museum that there exista in eastern África, occupying a very considerable portion of its extent, a narrow and in places a very deep trough, in which the great lakes and many of their tributarios are located, and whioh, with a more or less open and depressed lowland, communicateswiththebasin of the Eed sea, and yet further with the Dead sea and to the valley of the Jordán- that is, aocording to Dr. Gregory, there runs from Lebanon, and then alraost to the cape, a deep and comparatively narrow valley, margined by almost vertical sides, and occupied either by the sea, by salt steppes and old lake basiias, and by a series o: over 20 lakes, of wbieh only one has an outlet to the sea- a coudition of things absolutely unlike anything on the sur face of the earth ; indeed, the presence of súch a rift, for this it appears to be can only be compared with the lonj lunar rifts which have so long puzzled astronomers. To Professor Suess, the eminent geologist of Vienna, is attrib nted the first demonstraron that ove large areas of the earth 's surf ace th crust has been steadily breaking through in the direction of the eajth's oenter and that the ernst has been torn and rifted throughout all time by the sub sidences of earth blocka, and he, manj years ago, pointed out the probable ex istenoe of this vast Afro-Aiiatio trough


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