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The Good Samaritan In China

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One darle evenmg I was returmng homo froru a cali ou one of onr English neighbors in ïaiynenfn. When uot far froin our coinpotind, the road crossed an open space of several acres in extent. As I was flnding roy way aloug by the ratber dim light of a Chinese lantern I nearly stumbled over the body of a man ■who had fallen by the -way. My first impulse was to take hold of the person and aseertain if help was needed, tmt for some reason I did not, but hurried home to get aid. Mr. X. was still with xis and on hearing my statement said : "Yes, I know. The man is dead, and it is fortúnate that yon did not attempt to touch the body. Shonld we now try to remove it or even to go to it we should no doubt be seen and at once suspicion would attach itself to us, and none could teil the consequences. We roight cause a riot bef ore morning. " It shonld be said that this suspicion would not have been becanse we were foreigners, for a native under similar circumstances would likewise have run the risk of being charged with the murder. The good Samaritan would have fared hardly in China, or most likely would have been suspected of doing the kind deed for some ultímate gain, while the priest and the Levite wonld have been accounted not hard hearted, bat


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