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Pickett And The British

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In one of the most senous dispntes the United States has had with Graat Britain over a boundary question a Virginian bore the most prominent part in preventing British encroachrnent. We refer to the San Juan island incident. The Virginian was Captain George E. Pickett of the üuited States army, afterward General Pickett of the Confedérate army. In 18D6, during the disagreement auent the northwest bouudary, Captain Pickett, with 60 men, was ordered to oucnpy the island. and Sir James Douglass sent three British warRfaipa to ejeot him from his position. Pickett bade defiauce to this show of force, threateniug to fire upon any tróóps that attempted to land from the vesséls, and a clasb of arms was only prevented by the timely arrival of the British admiral, by whose orders the matter of endeavoring to take possession of the island vi et armiswas postponed. Stibsequently Pickett was re-enforced and the danger of hostilities blew over, Por his coudnct on this occasion Captain Pickett was highly coniplimented by General Harney, and the legislature of Washington territory passed resolutions of thauks


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