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President Of The L. A. W.

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Baltimoee, Keb. 13.- All the slates which the loague politicians have boen fixing up wlth so much care for the past thrce days were smashed to bits Tuesday by the elección of Sterling Elliott of Massachusatts as president of the League of American Wheelmen and the selección of Louisville as the placo for holding the next annual meet. When the Rattlesnake was in Sydney barbor, the officers were invited to a jall, and young Huxley among the number. There for the flrst rime be tnet his future Wife, whose parents resided at Sydney. A few days after they were engaged, and the ship sailed for the Towor straits to complete the survey of the nortli coast of Australia, all commuuieation being cut off for months at a time, and then she retnrned direct to England Afrer that brief acquaiutance (noc, 1 believe, longer than a fortnight) it was ?even years before the lovers saw one ano t her At the end of this time, on Huxley'? appointruent to the School of Mines, he was in a position to claim cis bride and welcome her to tbeir flrst home in St. Johu's Wood. He often used to say that to engage the affections of a young girl -ander these circumstauces, knowitig that he would have to leave her for an indefluite time, and with only the remotest prospect of ever ruarrying, was ari act most strongly to be reprobated, and he often held it out as a warning to his children never to do anything of the kind, and yet they all married young and all happily. Huxley's love at first sight and constancy during those seven long years of separation were richly rewarded, for it is impossible to imagine a pair more


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