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Bobbie's Birthday

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Washington, Lincoln and Bobbie BuruR were all born iu Fehruary. Bobbie Burns birthday was only one day behind Washington, and plans have been completed for its celebration tonight at Normal Hall, Ypsilanti, under the auspices of the Scottish society of Ann Arbor. Miss Bessie MacAlpine, of Chicago, forraerly of Edinburg, will sing the Soottieh songs in cosíame. Harold Jarvis, of Detroit, is also expeo'ted to furnish a portion of the vocal seleotions. Alexanrfer Gray, foimerly plpernajor in oue of the crack British regiroents, will play for tbe gathering of the clans. Jndge Harriman will deliver his address on Robert Burus. Recitations will be given frorn Burns' poema. The bilí for the evening will be 50 cents. The fcllowing is the program : part i. Bag pipe selections while clans are assembling. Introduotory Remarks, Robert Campbell Address, Subject: Robert Burns, Judge Harrlman. Song, "Seots, Whaliae." Haroltï Jarvis Recitation, "Cotter's Saturday Night,".. Robert Phillips Song, "Jessie'a Dream," Miss Louise George Scotch Dance, ''Sheau Trews," Miss Asgie Kankin (With liag-pipe accompauioient.) Song Selected. Miss Grace Stevens "A Visit to Ayr," Mrs. B.A. Hiusdale Song, "Caller Herrín,"- Mlss Bessie MeAlpine Song, "We'd better bidé a wee " Miss ElizabetQ A. Campbell 1KT II. Song, "MacGregor's Gathering," Mr. Harold Jarvis Reading, "Tam O' Shanter," Mr Andrew Campbell Scotch Dance, "Highland Fling." Miss Aggie Raukin (With bag-pipe accompaniment.) Song, "Land O' the Lea!." Miss Louise (Jeorge Duet, 'iluntingtower," --Miss E. A Campbell and Ilarold Jarvis Song, Selected Miss Grace Stevens Scotch Dance, "Gillie Callurn.".__ Miss Aggie Kankin (With bag-pipe accouipauimeut.) Song, 'Tm ower youug to marry yet." Miss Bessie MeAlpine Song, '-Maren of the Cameron Men," Mr. Harold Jarvis Audience invited to join in singing one verse of -AULD LANG SYNE."


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