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Stole A Satchel

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Charles Thorapsou, colored, was arrested this morning and lies in the couaty jail awaitmg tríal for burglary. Last night a couple drovers uarne to the city over the Aim Arbor road, taking ssveral car loads of cattle to the east. While ïnaking the transfer to the Michigan Central they left their baggage on the platform at the depot. When their job was doue aud they turned 10 get their baggage it was missing. The sheriff was promptly notified aud at ouce began search for the thief. But the men had to remain with their cattle and piomising to return from Baffalo tbey went their way. Yesterday morning youug Thompson was arrested charged with the theft. The entire baggage was found but not in his possession aud he emphatioally denies all knowdege of it. The baggage oonsisted of two large satchels and uumerous bundies. But the sheriff tbinks he bas auother charge against the prisoner. A bout three weeks ago some one broke into Kyer's mili and stole three 50. lb sacks of flour. The officers found about half of this bidden away in an old box and orvered with hay in the house occnpied by Thompson. Wheu confronted with the evidence against him he confessed the latter theft.


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