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New Cases In The Circuit

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The crcuit eourt docket had placed npou it duriog the past week eix casei. All of these were appeals froin judginents of lower courts. John T. Feldkamp vs. Henry Roth, is the first oase and is au appeal front thejfindiug ofcirouit coart commiseioner Butterfield The complainant prayei that the defendant be ordered to snrrender certain land in his possession t their owuer. The land lies in Sharon. The commissioner tried the case and gave the complainant jndgment. Th trial oicurred Feb. 6, aud oosts asessfid on defendant amounted to $20. 7i. The second case, CalpurniaB. Phelp, et al., vs. Charles S. Abbott, comes, before Justioe Poud's oonrt, here on Feb. 26 a jndgment of $261.58 damages and $7.85 oosts was given for the plaintifl. The defendaut appeals and gives bondi for $500. The third case, John Sohmid vs. Alfred J. Paul, comes from Juitice Gibson's ├╝onrt, whera on Feb. 12, judgment wss given in favor of the plaintiff for the sum of $12.34 damage au $3.05 costs. Appeal comes from defendant who gives bonds for $50 for payment of oosts. The case of John Qroff and Abraham Beek vs. Frederick and Lewis Hoffmaa was tried by Jnstine Gibsou. Defendants not appeariug jndgment was rendered in favor of plaiutiif iu sum of $29.51 and $2.80 costs. Defendant briug appeal. James Edwards vs. Edward Rook comes from Justiee Beaeh's courfc at Ypsilanti. James Edwards, a book agent, sued the defendanfor $2.85 and received judgtneut ia that auiount. The defendaut claims the contract for the book was secured by fraud and appeali to the bigher conrt . The last oase ia of John Goetz, Jr. , vs. DanieJ Seyler, et ai, and is on appeal of a garnishes case from Jnstice Gibsou's conrt. Th case was tried linally on Feb. 14, aud the plaiDtiff was giuen judgmeut, tb costs amoanting to f4.25. Appeal is made by Flora Mnehhg, olaimaut defendaut.


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