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Milán bas a new blacksmith. The Cavanaugh lake ioe houses were filled last -week. Easter & Lon are shippine; 2,500 pcrands of milk daily from Milan and 3,000 pounds from Azalia. A. B. Beal, of Dexter. has traded hia Dexter property for Detroit real estáte and will remove to the City of ihe Straits. Miss Huida Koch, of Manohester, ■will be united in marriage to Albert Hess, of Detroit, Feb. 26. Little Fred Braun, of Manchester, iound out the other day how muob it imrts a sinall boy to -get a rusty nail in bis foot. Albert W. Dorr, the new assistant in biology in the university, formerly lived at Manohester. The Saline Observer man says ü knows by experience that tbis has been a rheumatio winter. Josb. Hansou, of Milan, has a biddy that laid an egg which a yard stick showed was 6 1-3x8 1-3 inches in sizi. A buttonwood tree was felled by Thos. Dnmphrey, of Dundee, and all the buttons removed, together with the wood. There was enongh of the latter to make nine cords of 20 inch store wood and three 12 foot logs. The Dnndee miller said"be dammed" the other day when the higb water oararied away the dam by the mili site, and put his words into execution by again toaoking np the water with a new data. Irving Clark, of Mooreville, took a sedlitz powder, allowing it to do the foaming act after it got down. It took a doctor five hours to make Clark so that he could teil peopie how it happen ed. Dunden is trying its best to keep up -with Dexter, but it was only twins and JDexter's triplets still take precedence "when it comes to numbers. There were more cakes at Ducdee the other day than a Sunday school pioni0 could get away with. They were ice cakes in the rirer. Horace Case, of Milan, feil off a load of logs, had a wheel run over him, and only had a rib cracked. He thinks he could go through a threshing machine and come through with nothing but his Waterbury wound up. Ypsilanti's postoffice is already to feel the effects of the new regime, for a lot of new fnrniture for it has arrived and been pot in place. George At. Gandy is abont the flrst among the poultry fanciers to gat Jais '97 prize winners out. Ha hatched 4 chicks yesterday. - Ypsilantian. We liave heard of the man so lazy that he hatched chiuks under his arm pies, but don't believe anything of the kind about Mr. Gandy. It rnust be Mr. Gandy's setting hen that the Ypsilantian has reference to. Many farmers about Battle Creek are considerably worried over a new disease whioh has attaoked the' horses. It is similar to the scratches. It is not fatal. The legs. swell and are stilt and disable the horse from work or even walking. Some of the veterinarians attribute the disease to the use of corn fodder. Hay being soarce thia winter many farmers are feeding straw and corn stalks. Two Preedom men feil to discussing the relative strength of England and the United States in case, the lion shonld roar. Tbey talked so loud and abnsed each other so long that one man became conscieoce pricked and went over next day and apologized. Then they exchanged Hiawatha for cut ping ani talked about the weather. Last Satnrday R.H. Francia' two children ca me to the postoffice and got three letters ; in going home tbey lost them and some one found aud tore them open and tore them all up, in small pieces aud soattered them along the Toad for a mile or more. One of the letters contained a check which was also torn np. Strong suspicion points to iwo parties who vrere on the road at ' that timo. They, perhaps, thonght tbere might be money in them, and not fincine a:'V tore np the letters. Kather Tisky to ougage in. - Whittaker oorrospondenoe of Milan Leader. Harviy Porter, of Cantón, Wayne countr, wís, in town last Thnrsday. He is the older brothef of ciarpnco Purter, wlioie Tintiöi' ly we recoi'ded last week, and whiie here opeued correspon!enoe v.'ith his brother.Gsorge, of Plushiag. He states that their sister died in Aun Arbor abont sixteen yeara ago. - De?ter Leader. Cltrtlsea is stili agitatiug the ringiug iif rlie our-föw. Somethiug very unnsnal for this part of the country took place on the farm of Mr. Qnige; near Scio last Tbarsday. It w8 the küiiug of a 250 poniid bear. Bruin, howover, had been ;i pet and lipiue ao great exciteinent resulted from fchp intelligeuue of his deatli - Dexter Leader. Cap!. AIJpn deliveied his address on Liuoolu at Clielsea, aud tbe Standard says it was the finest tbing in the lectnre iiue tliat ever happened. Fimr waniieriug Willies told Marshal Perce at Cbeisea rbe other day, tbat (hey wouliin't stiiy in his old jail nnless thora waa as fire in it. Some people are so particular. $?$ looal- A daughter was boru last Wednesday to Mr. and Airs. Jas. Donegau, of Ann Arbor. 16 is eaid that Jim is wondering if it will ever be Donegan. - Ohelsea Standard. Wm. Mandt, of Belleville, thinka he's the most unfortunate man in these parta. He took a cbanoe ou a Detroit lot the other day, drew the lot and flnds that the reason the D9troiter raffled it off was beoause the taxes were eating it np. Mandt would like to tako the lot out sorae dark uigiit and bury it or drop it in the river. Belleville is the latest town to have a whiskers olnb. That is me thing the newwoman 's clubs have aot yet tackled. A eeedsinan advertises a olivnbing watermelou. We advise onr readers to parchase sonie of the seeds. What a relief it wonld be to know that yom inelous fcad olimbed beyond (he reach of tbe small boy. - Manchester Enterprise. SVhen the seductivo watermelon is able to oiimb beyond the reach of tbe average small boy the old veranda' trellis to the upper ohamber window will have oeased to olamber. Eight Manchester Maocaboes "hived" over to Napoleon the other night thinking the king bee was going to do sometbing. On their arrival theyfound they had made a mistake aud had to ride iionie agian without being present at any festivities. When it comes to blows Tpailanti is Bot in it with Ann Arbor, as the following from the Ypsilantian wili testify : A few days ago our enterprising grooery man, M.J. Lewis, went to Anu Arbor to oolleot payment of a bilí from Henry Robbins, a colored barber. In the oonversation betweeu the two, Mr. Lewis used some langnage which was not agTeeable to tbe barber's sense of propriety, and he responded by giving Mr. Lawis a sound blowing up, - part of the blow striking him in the face. Robbins was arrested and brought before Jnsfice Childs for a hearing, and Tuesday the case was adjourned till Feb.10. Editor A. B. Smith has just finished his löth year as editor and proprietor of the Milan Leader. He was there at the bornin', and says he has seen ohanges of proprietors in all the papers and seen many others surrender their paste pows to Adversity and their shears to Inefficiënt Support. Editor Smith has also seen the Milan firms in business when he began quit the fleeting stage of life with the esoeption of four, bas witnessed the incoming of e'.ectrioity, waloomed the arrival of telephone conneotions, helped purohasá the local fire engine and seen the village inoorporated. He bas alao probably seen every oireus for notbing that bas oome to town in that time, has ehown his editor's oard to the ofauroh contribution oolleotor every Sunday, told the subscribers that hay was not taken for subsoriptions sinoe the old gray was sold and that tbe baok yard was so full of wood now that the aeighbors were having a hard time to burn it all.