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Three years ago, Toin Qaigg, white roamiug in rhe wilds of Minnesota, oaptured a young bear, and brought it to his home in Webster. Jt was then about the sizo of an ordinary oat. It oannot be said that Torn and the cub grew up togetber for Torn waa already big, (six feet one inch in height). But the yonng thing grew, in three years, to what it had taken Toni twenty years to aohieve. They became great friends and played aud sotiffled like man and boy, and their eiploits weremuch more interesting than a figbt of two bnllies like Corbett and Snllivan. Bat, athlete as Torn is, he had to be on his guard, for it was possible that some of brnin's wild freaks might assert themselves. Bat, favorite as he was, it beoame evident that the fellow was more valuable dead than living, and iie was therefore slaughtered. But Toin's affeotion was too strong for hira to do the deed. Willie shot hira. Whether a sack for Matie will grow oat of it remaius to be seen. V.There are many people in the world who believe they were created on the Ptoletnic theory of the universe; imagining themselves to be the oenter of the social system, as Ptolemj proamlgated tlie earth to ba the center of the solar system. Snch folks are best desoribed by comparing them to objects seen through a telesoope with the object glaas towards the organ of visiĆ³n.


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