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Inception Of Fish Batching

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Dnring the middíe ages, and thronghont the pericd of theEtiropean predominance of the chnrch of Rome, the neoessity of providing a proper snpply of fish for use on Fridays and during Lent did mucb to créate a species of fish cnltnre. That this did not extend to fish batching, but stopped short at inclosing and regnlating the snpply of fresh water fishes, seema to us probable. At the same tiine, the Romans were at least acquainted with the securing of oyste spat, and from this to tbe artificial hatohing of fish ova does not seem a -very long step or one that may not really have been taken. The probability is, however, that the cost of such artificially produced fish would have been far beyond the purses of the rnultitnfie, and the wealthy had viviers and ponds in which they kept their own fish for thoir own use. The extent to which they have gone may be jndged by the system in nse among themonksof themonasteries and the great seigneurs of the continent, which was also introdnced into tbis country, probably by the Normans originally. Tbe absence of proper conveyances for the supply of sea fish to the inland parts of the country made it imperative for the various proprietors to meet their own necessities. In doing so they did not fail to disoover that certain fishes required a particular kind of "cultch" upon which to fix their spawn. As the snpply of this material was an ackuowledged necessity this may be considered the first step toward ÜBh


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