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Raymond R, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Smith, died Sunday afternoon. A couple of firemen put out a chimney fire at 40 S. Main street Wednesday morning. Dexter's leap year party last Friday night was attended by a large delegation from this city. I Sadie LaVear has been bound over to i fcbe circuit court by Justice Pond on a charge of being a tippler. About 25 young people had a leap rear sleigh ride to the residence of Chas. Pritz in Scio, Monday night. Girls wishing employment please apply at the Young Woman's Christian Association rooms over postoffice. Wm. Sayler's residence, J. M. Wagaer's meat market and Schneider Bros., plumbers, have been connected with the telephone exchange. Mrs. Mary Sykes, aged 73. died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alsa Kinsley, 73 N. Fourth avenue, Tuesday. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon. Marshal Peterson has arrested Frank L. Schaunel for carrying on a clothing drawing in the city. Schannel had organized two clubs, 70 members each, and was coining rnoney, and of course iniuring legitimate trade. Richard Bell, brother of Torn Bell, the complaining -witness in the Laubengayer case at Dexter, was arrested on Friday last on a charge of keeping a disorderly house. He was arraigned and fined $25 and costs. Bell was formerly marshal of the village. The rear part of Mrs. A. L. Haven 's residence, 27 E. Jefferson Street, had fire ommunicated to it Monday afternoon by plumbers who were thawing onc a istern. A sill was burned through, but the fire was discovered in time so that Tery little damage was done. Rev. Lee S. McCollister, of Detroit, will lecture before the Unity Club next Monday eveüing opon "Snperstitions Old New England. " The lecture will be illustrated by Lantern views. Those who heard the lecture in DetroitLa few weeks ago were greatly pleased. Wm. S. Whipple, having rented his farm, two miles north of Emory station, will sell the personal chattels at anction on Thursday, Feb. 27. There are 11 head of horses, ineluding an importd French stallion, 14 head of cattle,60 head of sheep and several farm tools. Mrs. Augusta Schauer, wife of Michal Schauer, died Friday afternoon at the family residence, 35 S. First street. The farxiily consista of the father , one daughter and three sons. The funeral services were held from the Bethlehem harch, &Ouc]ay afternoon, and interment was made nb Forest Hill cemetery. Homer P. Finley has brought a damage snit in circuit court against the Ann Arbor Railroad for $20,000 damges. Finley claims that on Jan. 8, last, he received injuries by being truck by a train at the Huron street rossing. He claims that the gate was Bot closed in time and that the bell did aot ring. W. F. Parker has been appointed reeiver of the Ann Arbor fe Ypsilanti Street R. R. Co. The petition asking for his appointment was filed by R. W, Hemphill, trustee for the boudholders of the road. The petition averred that the rolling stock has greatly depreoiated in value and he as trustee has filed a bilí of f oreclosure on the mortgage. Council Monday night decided to have the recent report of the board of works offioially printed in the form of 1000 pamphlets, at a cost of $50. The alderraen did not like the idea of printing it, inasmuch as it went out of its way to cast slurs on the counoil, but the oity fathers decided to smother their own feeüngs in the matter and have the report printed on account of the statistical faots contained therein. At the parlors of the English Lutheran ehnrch on this,Friday evening, a Washington birthday service will be given - General and Lady Washington will be present and some incidents from their lives will be narrated. Supper will be served in colonial style from 6 to 10 o'clock for 15 cents, children 10 cents. Everybody will be heartily welcomed and can have a good supper and be ssured of an enjoyable time. The Midwinter Cirous ended Saturday night with a large attendance. Capt. Ross Granger was presented with a sword, gold mounted, of the best steel, with a handle of pearl. Ou the blade was stamped,'1 Presented to Capt. Ross Granger by A. A. L. I." and on the handle is engraved, "Co. A., lsfc Inft. Mioh., Feb. 14, '96". The presentation speech was made by Capt. John P. Kirk, of Co. G., Ypsilanti, in a neat manner. Capt. Granger was taken so much by surprise that he could mako no speech and oonfined his remarks to saying that he was very much pleased. An amusing incident occurred on Thayer streefc Monday moming. Two students desired to change their rooming plaoe and the landlady insisted on oollecting the rent for the Christmas holidays. The boys kicked and came down town to secure the services of an offloer to get their things out of the house. When the officer went back with them the landlady and her sou locked him and one of the students in the room. The other student oame down and interviewed Marshal Peterson as to the situation. Aoting upo the adrise of that officer the students paid the $3 board bill and secured potsession of their belongings. Converse G.Cook haj been granted a pensio-i of $8 a month. We have this week been having onr coldest weatber of rhe winter. The Aun Arbor road bet ween here and Dundee is being steel railed. The L. O. T. M. gave a Washiungton' tea party in their hall last evening. There ara twenty-oae criminal cases on the dooket for the March term of conrt. ■ The Ann Arbor Agrioultural Co. shipped a large nuinber of hay tedders to England Taesday. A chimney fire on sonth Main street was extinguished by the chemioal apparatns Monday evening. Rev. Anna Shaw will speak before the Politioal Eqnality club nexc Satürday evening Feb. 89th. Hon. Reuben Kempf, in an interview with a Detroit paper, expresses a ohoice for MoKinley for president. Girls desiring employment should apply at the rooms of the Young Womens' Christian Association over the post office. By request the second term in physcology and Englisb in the Y. W.C. A. oonrse will not begin until the first week in March. There have been a nnmber Jof transfers of real estáte recently in this coanty, but the consideration has been UEifornially low. Harry Ooleman, editor of the Pontiao Post and ex-nianaging editor of the U. of M. Daily, was in the oity Monday to attend the gymnasium hop. Casper Rinsey had a car load of potatoes on the tracks last Saturday and was obliged to keep a red hot stove in the car to keen rtiom frnm fi-BAin The Detroit Journal says that Junius E. Beal will be presentad by the Washtenaw republicana as their candidate for the delégate to the republican national convention. Mrs, Will Dieterle gave a fi ve o'olock tea Tuesday afternoon at her home on S. Fourth avenue, in honor of her 38th birthday. The house was prettily decorated in honor of the occasion, and the ladies had a very pleasant afternoou. Just as the present cold snap was at its height, one of our clothing store's windows was decorated with spring goorïs. Needless to say trade was not brisk in this line and the merchant whose window was noticed is not advertising heavily. The following are the names of the jory to meet a week f rom Monday, to sit in the condemnatory proceedings of the Ann Arbor road vs. John Hagan, et al: Mictíael Staebler, Fred Braun, OHoe Lushing, Joe Staebler, Gottlieb Hutzel, Henry Twamley, Orin Burkhardt, Martin Merkell. John J. Wood, Godfrey Liuck, Chas. Braun, Leander Easton. An anotiön sale will lie held by F. Dunlany. agent on the James Osborne farm near Osborn's milis, next Thnrsday afternoon at one o'clock, when one light driving team, one trottng mare, a work team, sleighs, buggies, wagons, binders, cultivators, harrows and harneases will be among the many thiugs sold by Fred Krause, the well known auctioneer. Judge Kinne faas been holding cour in Monroe this week. He has been trying one of those interminable duck huuting cases for which Monroe is famous, since an eastern company bought 4,000 acres of marsh and their game keepers attempted'to keep poaohers off. A Monroe jury refuses to convict poachers even for assanlt and battery and the company is now trying to get at them through chanceryj prooeedThe U.S. Weather bureaus'snowmaps show that the southern line of snow limits ou Monday last passed through southern llinois and Ohio and througb central Pennsylvania except that there was a trace of snow in North and South Carolina and thi'ee inches at Raleigh. There was 22 inches of snow at Rochester. N.Y., 10 inches at Buffalo, 6 inches at Detroit, 21 inches at Sault St. Marie, and only one inch at St. Paul, Minn. ;_ . - e -rssm. Late last Thursday night the power on the eleotrio street railway went down with one of the cars at the División street crossing on Williams street. When the power oaine on again that car shot ahead with lightning speed and the motorman whose experience had not lasted over a long series of years found himelf unable to control the car with the brake. Instead of making the turn on Main street the oar left the track and started for the Ann Arbor depot. A big telephone pole essayed to stop it but was sniashed into smithereens and a big tree flnally stopped the car. No one was hurt. There was but one pasenger on the car and no one know what became of him. Florence G., daughter of Mrs. J. Ward Lydecker, died Wednesday morning at her home, 94 S. State street, áged 21 years . The cause of death was peroious anemia, aggravated by an attack of the grip. The deceased had been ill a long time. She was once a very sprightly member of the city's younger society circle, among whom she was a great favorite and to whom she brought a sunny disposition and a bright and -yivacions manner. Her death and the accompaning long illness leading to it, have been a sore trial to the mother, and the community extends to her its most heart-felt sympathy in her hour of trial. The funeral will occur today and the remains will be intered at Forest flill oemetry. 1 Louis Kurtz has sold bis saloon to Christian Seyfreid. The postoff ice has received a ne w letter scales, of "Jones, he paya the freight" pattern. The receipts of the midwinter oircus were over $1,000 and the expenses a little over $1,200. Thrfe trampa were sbivoriug on the post office corner last night wonderiug how they wonld get shelter f rom the oold wfaen a deputy sherrjff sauntered by. One of the tramps walked np to hirn and knocked bim down and the other two tramps commenced a hot fight between themselves, then all three walked down with the officer to the jail thanking their ingenuity for a night's shelter. The day of the recent snow storm one of tbd weather prophets who has been making a study of the United States Weather m?ps, found considerable fault with the weather bulletin posted atj the postoffice, which predicted a heavy snow storm and colder weatber. He went into a long explanation of how "highs" followed "lows" and staked his reputation as a prophet on the fact that there would be no snow storm, as that was an utter imposibility and the U. S. Weather bureau was way off. Hardly had the weather prophet concluded and left his hearers to digest the knowledge he had imparted, when the snow began to fall and the weather prophet has not shown up since. He is probably hunting for his reputation.