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A Doctor's Discomfort In A High Place

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Some of the patients of one of the prominent physicians in Dorchester are getting well pretty rapidly these days nnder the influence of a joke which theyha-ve reoently heard regarding their iEsculapius. It seems that this doctor has a horror of high places and is always dizzy when on lofty buildings. Not long ago ome relatives from Eugland visited him and suggested a trip to Bunker Hill, and, in common with about one-half of the population of Boston, the doctor was not only forced to acknowledge that he had uever been to the top of the monument, 'but was obliged to acconipany hia guests to the summit of the granito shaft. It cannot be ascertained whether the persons whom they found there had ever heard of the doctor bef ore, but he had not been there many minutes when one of the strangers was heard to rernark that the sun had such an influence on the monument that on warm days it warped it. This was enongh for the doctor, and, with a parting reniark that he wouldsea hisfriends at the base, he beat a hasty retreat, going down, it is said, iour steps at a time and not feeling safe until he had run out on the lawn about the monument far onough to get out of the way in case it feil. The joke of it all is that the doctor, in a state of absentmindedness told the story himself, and now, mueh to nis chagrin, bis patients are laughing themselves into good health.


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