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r R. WILLIAMS, Attorner at Law and Pension Claim Attorns?, MILAN. MICH. and Collections. " The Niágara Falls Route." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME Taking Effect Nov. H, 1895. GOING EAST. Detroit Night Ex 5 40 a. m. Atlantic Express 7 30 " Grand Rapids Ex II 05 Mail and Express 3 50 p. m. N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 5 00 FastEastern 10 12 GOINW WEST. Gd. Rapids Fa't N'pa'r 2 53 a. m. Boston, N. Y. & Ch 7 30 Mail&Express 8 38 North Shore Limited 9 25 Fast Western Ex 2 0üp.m. G. R. & Kal. Ex 5 55 Chicago Night Ex .10 28 Pacific Express 12 IS O.W. KUGGLE8 H. W. HAYES, B. P. & T. Agent Chicago. Ag't Ann Arbor O1ËX MME. A. RUPPEHT'8 rif CË FACE BLEACH -3=-=,. MME. A. RUPPEKT ■?J wi ByB:"lappreciatethefaofc vS?8'' %HBk that fiere are innny thouÈAmrV&ÊÈllBlu sandsofladiesinthoüuited 5fesS 3Së &tatestnatwoulclJiketitry vj Mfëffig my Worlö-Reuowned Facb wLw2&4SSw TÏPni Bleach: but bave been. Rsgja 'wr" %jlf kept from (íoinc; so op. iicga L BS'"' cointof pricc,whifhisS2.()9 s& . per bottleor iibottlestake SS5x llÊiÊt toselher, tóó.00. In order SWffiSfl - ÜHï that a! I of these may have MAgg5 - anopportunity, I will givo X ' to every cailer, absolutely _ - free, a sample bottle, anit fflx Ck. gCtaordcrtosupplythoaeout world.lwillsend ltsafely packedir. plainwrapiwr all charges prepaid, f or 25 cents, sil ver or stamp." In everycaaeof "recfeles, pimples, moth, sallowness,blackheads,aene,eczema,oilinesa,rougii- neas, or any discolorntion or disease of the skin. and wrinkles (not caused by facial expressionj Facb Ble ach removes absolutely. It does not cover np, as cosmetica do, b n t is a cure. Addresa MADAME A. KïrJPrEKrF,(Bept.O.) No. 6 East I4th St., NEW YORK CITY. rC.iMiest!-' Enslldh Diamond Brani. 0 E&IIIYROYAL P8LL8 iCrs. rUglnal and iily Gcnuínc. A r (,StfiaLI safe, alwav roïiable. ladies ask Sp. jt' S VL$ DruggiBt for CUt.hoaiar s ffrwKtA fiíaiÍLA tó'-4íi(O7íi0Tifi Jïïimi in Ited and WoW metallic@7 J12boxei!, si-alod witli blue ribbon. Tuko "W ik WííllDO Rrfvsr. dangcrous V j- - jfFtfoiMan44m{tatfO7kc. AtDruggi9ta,oraend4. j . Ja in atarapa for particulüra, testiraoniala awt ♦ i& " Helltif for Ladlcm" ícíItfr' l)y retan . V fjr Mali. 10.00O Twtinunlals. Name Papt: - rChIchcHterCÍieiñiÍCAlt:o.Mall-nSquaio Sold bj aü Looal DrufieisW. FUladfe rft piRE INSURANCE. OHRISTIAN MACK, tgent lor the following First Class Companic. representing over tTrenly -eight Slilliou DollarB Assets, issues polioiee at the lowest raten ■ dEtna of Hartford $9,192,644.00 Franklin of Phila 3,118,713,00 öormania of N. Y 2,700,729.00 American of N.Y. 4,065,968.00 London Assurance, Lond'n 1,416,788.00 Michigan F. & M., Detroit 287,608.00 N . Y. Underwriters, N. Y. 2,596,679.00 National, Hartford 1,774,505.00 Phenix,N.Y 3,759,036.00 ilWSpeclal atteBtion given to the tnBurance oí i wellíngB, schools. churchen and public bullding n terma of three and five vear TO FARMERS: The Ann Arbor Milling Co. has just finished building one of the most complete feed milis in Michigan and will now be ready for custom work of all kinds, including the grinding of corn ntLe ear. Akn Arbok Milling Co. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castoria.


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