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"All rnanner of articles in pïacs of ■wood have been nsed in the manufacture of pianos," saya one of the greatest Bnglish piano makers. "Perhaps the saosi Buocessfnl of these is paper, of ■which many piano of exquisito tone and appearance have been made. The Duke of Devonahire has one of the flnest specimens of the paper piano, this being f Freüoh make, and decoratd most ornately with pictnres ley Prenoh artista. The duke gave 500 guineas for this, mainly, uo doubt, on aooount of thej namentation. I sxippose you know OTj pianos for very hot and very cold onmates - all iHstmnients for export, -ja fact - have to be specially made, and in this direotion all mauner of experimenta have been tried. Among others, a sort of, one faetor in which is actnally commen molasses, from which 8ugar is made, is etuployed, and a composition made from thp ohemical treatment of gutta percha and leather pulp has been tried. Ivory pianos are by 110 means unoommon, andhe downger Couutess of Dudley has a magnifloent carved specimen. Pianos of ivêry ae, I might say, made every year in numbers, bntchiefly for Indian princes and rich Spenish Americans. Many piaHoe of solid silver have beeu made; ded, one was only reoently ompleted by a London firm ík the nisam of Hidarabad, and piano cmss haye t vnrioni times been made of broam, a species of aluminium, glass, porolin ndia bínation xaotbar of Mul. '


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