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W. HERZ, NO. 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. HOOSE, SlGN, ONAMESAL AND PrESCO PHBTE8, gilding, calolraining, and paper iiang tag. All work is done In the best style and varranted to elve eatisfaction. Mortgagre Sale. WHEREAS DEFAÜLT HAS BEEN MADE ' in the payment of the inoney secured by a mortgage dated the 20tb d y of September, in the year A. D, 1886, executed by Michael Steffanoskt and Caroline Steffanoski, his wife, of Bridgewater, Washtenaw County, Michigan, to Christian Saley, of Bridgewater Washtenaw County, Michigan, whi'ch said moitgasfe was -ecorded in the office of the Register of Deodg of the Couniy of Washte naw, in Liber 6d, of Mort ages, on page ill, on the 28th day of September, in the year A. D 1386. at 6 30 o cIock A. M And whereas, the eaid Mortgage has been dnly assigned by tbesaiü Christian Saley lo Albert Brunski by assignment benrini; date the 30ih day of July. in the year 1892 and reitorded in the oflU-e of the Register of Deedsof the said County of Washtemiw, on the 18th day of in the year 189a at 1.3U o'clock P. M. in Liber lll.of assignments of Mortajes on page 279, and the same in now owned by Mm, And whereas, the amount claimed to 'e duo on said Mortgage at tbe date of this notice is the sum of two huudred seventytwo dollars and flfty-eiirht cents of principal and int rest, and which is the wliole atnouut claimfd tobeunpaid on said mortgage and no suit orproceeding havingbeen instituted at law to recover the debt now remaining seeured by said Mortgage or any part thereof, whereby the power of sale eontulned in said Mortgage has become operative. Now, Therefore, notice is hereby given, that by virtueof the said power of sale, and In pursuanee of the statute insuehcase made and provided, the said Mortgage will b foreclosed by a sale of the promises therf in i'e■■ertbed. ai. public auction, to the highest bidder, at tlie south front door of the court house in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County of Washtenaw [that heilig the place where the Circuit Court lor the County of Washtenaw is held], ou Friday, the 13th day of March 1896, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day; Which said premisis are described in said Mort .-age as follows, to wit: All that pieee ro parce! of land being on seetion number [201 twenty in the Township of Bridgewater, in the County of Washtenaw and State .of Michigan, tounded as follows, to wit: On the nortn by the Bridgewater mili pond and on the east by lands owned by Stabler, and on the south and west by the highway. the same eontaimng eight acres of land, be tbe same more or less. Dated December l:th., 18:j5. ALBERT BRUNSKI, G. R GILLESPIE, Afc8iSn6e of MoSAttorney tor Assignee of Mortsagee, Estáte of Wüliam H. Taylor. DTATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY kJ oi Washtenaw, 88. At a seasion of the ProbaU Courl for the County ol Washtenaw, holden at thf Probate Office in the city ol Ann Arbor, oo Thursday the Soth day of January, in the year one thousaud eight hundred and ninety ■ix. Present, J. Willard Babbitt.Judge of Probate. Io the matter of the eitate ol Wüliaw H. Taylor, deeeased. Onreacïinj; and filingthe petition, duly Yerifled, of Ann E. Taylur, praying ihat s ctrtain instrument now on tilt; in tbis court, puiporthig to be the last will and testament of said decened my be admitted to probate and that adminiatration with the will anuexed of saia ostule may be granted to herself, there beicg no executor in said will named. or to ome other uitable person. Thereupon it in ordered, that Tuesday, the '.Hh day of February next.ut ten o'clock in the forenooo be.issiKiiedlorthebearingof said petition, and that the devifcees. legatees aud heirs at law of said deceased and all other perrtons iutereöted in eaid estate, are required to ppear at a seaeion of saij court, then to be holden at the Probate Office,in the city of Ann Arbor, aud show cause, if auy there be wliy tbepriiyer of the petiuoner ahould not be iranted. Aud it i furtber ordered that aaid letltiouer give Dotice to the persons ínter eited in aaid estato, ol the pendency ol aaid petition and the hearing causing a copyofthis order to be publislied in the Ann Akbok AKöua.a newspaper priuted and eirculutedinsaid couuty three succeBsive weeks prcTious tosaid day ol' heanng. J. W1LLAHD BABB1TT, (Atruecopyj Juigeof Probate Wm. G Doty Probate Recister. Mortgage Sale WHEREAS, DKFAULT II AS BKEN MADE in the payment of the money secured by a mortgage diitedtheolBtday of March, in the year A. 1) 1881, executed by Michuel stelfan owBki, ot the township of Brldfiewater, Wrasbteuaw County, Michigan, t Alou o Clart of Clinton, Lenawe County, Michigan, which said mortgage was recordad intlie ollico of Kegititer of De ds of the Conaty of Washtenaw, iu Liber 53, of mortgiigos, on page T13, on tbe 4th day of April, iu the year A. ü. 1 SI, at 7:15 p m. And, whereas, the said mortgage bas been duly assigned hy the said Alonzo Clark to James Mogan, by asmgnment beaririK date the 27th day ol. April, in the year 1892, and recorded in the office of the regí er of deeds of the said Countj of Washtenaw.on the28th day of April, in tbe yoar J892 at lo o'clock a. m. on Liber 11 of assignmenti of morí gages on page 178 and aaid mortgage haTing been again dulyaasigned by the said James Hogan to Albert Brunski, by assign ment bearing date the lltu day of May, in the year 1892 and recorded in the office of register of deeds of the eaid County of Washtena, on the 18th day of November In the year 1892 at l:Hu o'clock p. m , in Liber 11 of assignmenU of mortirages ou page 278 and the aarne lg oow i owned by him, the said Albert Brunski. And wbereas, the amount claimed to be due on said mongage at the date of this notice ia the Bum of Two Hundred Forty-Six dollars and Ninety-one cents of principal and interest; and wbich is the whole ïimount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage, and no suit or proceedings having been instituted at law to recover the debt now remaining eecured by satd mortgage or any part tcereof whereby the power of sale contained in said mortgage has becodi" operative. Now, therefore, nol ice is hereby given, that bjr viriue of tbe said power of sale, and in pursuance of the statuie in such case made and provided, the said mortgaife will be foreclosed by a sale of the pieoiises therein desi'iibed, xt Public Auction, to the bighest bidder, at the South front door of the Court house in the City of Ann Arbor. in said County of Washtenaw, (that being the place where the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw is held) on Friday the 13th day of March. JK9ti, at eleven o'clock in the fürenoon: Which said premisos are described in said mortgage as follows, towit: All tbat piece or purcel of land eituate or bciug iu tbe township of Bridsrewater, Couty of Wasntonaw and State cl' Michigan knowu and described as followu towit: Commeocing in the middle of the highway in thequarter seotion line in aectlon number (2u) tweuty in townehip number fonr south, of 'range four east. twenty-two (22) chains aud twentv-two (22) links south from the quarter post on north line of said section number (20) twenty, ;thence south alongsaid quarter aectlon line siarteen rods andisix links to a stake, thence north-easterly twenty-threo rode and fanr and one-half link to astake heneo uorth to cent-er of m-ll road sixteea rods and &ix linkit, heneo toutb-wetterly aloug the center of mili ruutl to the place of beiflunlng containiDV thiee (ii) acres of land, be the ame more or letu, Dated December, llth, 1805 ADBEKT BUUN'SJCl U. K. OiLi-triH, luiii. A%orT for Atl(U.


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