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Keeps His Hands Off

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Frankfort, Ky., Feb. '0.- In reply to fche Democratie niembers of the legislatura who are supporting tho caueus nominee Lor Uuited States senator, and who appealed to Secretary Carlisle to urge tho flvo Demócrata who oppose Blackburn to juin them in his support, the following lector was reoeived from Secretary Cartisle: "Gentlemen:- Tour telegram, in which .you appeal to me 'to request and urge the flve Democratie membor3 of the general assembly who aro not supporting the nomiaeo to join with us [you] in voting for him,' was duly received and has been given the carefnl consideraron whicb its object and the number and charactor of lts signers dsmandod. Know What Tlioir Duty I. "Inasmuch as the flve gentlemen referrod to are acting in a representativo capacity and are familiar with the wholö situation and all tho cireumstanoea, I am bound to tusume that they aro more competent than I am to determine what their duty fco thoir party and to their i ents is, and how that duty shall bo discharged, and an attempt by me to influonee their action mighc very properly be j regarded by thom as a prosumptuous intirferenco in a matter of the greatest i portance which ha3 beencommitted solely : to thoir own judgnients; but even if thig were not so, I hare no right to assume tho i honost conviccions of the flve gentlemen alludod to in your communication could be cbanged by my intorference; or that they cuuld be induced to act contrary to j auch convictions by advice which they have nol solicitod. Baving heretofore tendered no advies or made any suggestion, directly or indirectly, to any membar of the general assembly on either side of the unfortunate controversy now existing, I must respectfully decline to do 60 now or heraaiter. Always Willing to Co-Operate. "It may not bo considered inappropriate in this brief response to your appoil Co assuro you that I will at all times cheerfully co-operiite in any proper manner with you and all others in any effort that may be made to unite all our friends in supporting the Democratie organization iu Kentucky and in maintaining sound Democratie principies and policies, as declaied by the constituted authorilies of the party, state and national, and to repeat what has been said to all who have oared to ascertain my views upon the subject - that 1 sincerely desire to see the present general assombly elect to the senate of the United States a Democrat who is in full sympathy with these objects. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, yours, J. G. Carlisle." Interview with Hnnter. -. In an interview with Hon. W. G-odfrey Hunter, Republican candidato for United. States senator, he refuted the charges that he leans towards free silver. He aaid: "In the state convention which declared unconditionally for a gold standard I was i a member of the platform committee and fought for that platform. 1 am a sound mony advocate and álways have bjen. I refer to my course in congress and to my public utterances. I have not yet seen any cause to change the views I have heretoforo held."


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