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Election In Pennsylvania

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Philadelphia., Feb. 20.- Tho plnrality of 80,903 given Tuosday for John L. Kinsoy, the Republican candidate for city golicitor in this city has only been excoödod onco. In 1894 Governer Hastings got a tidal wave plurality of 85,132. In select council the Democrats have only three out of tkirty-seven members, a loss of four. In the state there were many surprises. Republieans carried Democratie strongholds and Demoorats were successful where Republicans had formerly held Bvvay. This was due iu every instance to local conditions. The greater number of victories are, however, to bc credited to tho Republicans. Probably the most interesting fight in the state, outskle of Pittsburg, was in Scranton, where ex Mayor Connell and Congressman Scranton, leaders of rival Republican factions, ' had a bitter flght. The latter was succossful with the aid of Democratie votes, electing Jaines G. Baily, Democrat, mayor, and the balance of the Democratie ticket by about 600 plurality. Mr. Scranton bolted the Republican convention and nominated a rival ticket, but afterwards wichdrew his candidates and supported the Democrats. At Reading in a total vote of over 11,000 Jacob Weidel, Democrat, was elected mayor by 164 majority. They also elected Henry O. Young city treasurer, but Adam H. Leader, Republican, was chosen comptroller by a big majority. At i York, after a hot flght, Charles W. I Brant, Deraocrat, was elected mayor by 5J8 majority. Altoona elected H. C. Barr. Ren.. or and George Harpham, Rep., controller by about 200 majority. Tuesday night the election of their Democratie opponents wero conceded. The rest of the Republican ticket got 800 majority. ïho Democrats gained three coinmon conncilmen. The unexpected happened at Wiüiamsport, wliere, in a hot three-cornered flghfc, the Prohibitioiiists elected James Mansel mayor by about 300 plurality.


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