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Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co.

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28te -a.TlÑrTJS.Xj STATEME17T OF THE OF DTBOIT, MICH. . For the Year ending December 31st, 1895. REVENUE ACCOUNT, Receivedfor Premiums ■ nmci Recelved for Interest and Kents -1"-'I"I"IIII""" 260:231 fi Total Income íl,230.M9S Disbursemeuts for Death Claims, Dividends, Matured Insurance, Surrender Values, and all Expenses 905 jgj Balance to Investment Account $ 375.5882 ASSETS. Cash in Bank TO 7!U at Firrt Mortgage Lien? on Real Estáte qfuíni?? ím Real Estáte, including Home Office Building "" 685 68 Loans to Policy Holders secured by Reserves 41iWflú Asents' Balances. 3 928 w Bills Receivable IZl:::";.'" 451975 8c LiOnuS - -. on ooq pyir Interest Due and Accrued " 121 I tfi "S Rentsdueand accrued : ..."."."."."'."."!."" 2'454 81 Net Outstanding Premiums, seoured by Reserre Fund 64392 69 Net Deferred Premiums, seoured by Keserve Fund .."................. 28 6Ü6 63 Total Assets _...5,0M,981 S L1ABIL1TIES. Amount of Reserve Fund, American Table (4 per cent) ju rto mï ia Deposite of Pplicy Holders ..._"„_ï_" .V." " 34 is oí Premiums Paid ju Advance _ l'6O2 20 Unpaid Divtdends - .". _ '"" i'finï w Death Claims not due ' " 16 w!o 8S Surplus on 4 per cent Table, New Standard, voluntarily adopted by the Company'. 3481802 83 Total Liabüities 5,044,981 66 Surplus on i'A per cent Standard as per Michigan Law $587,793 08 POLICY ACCOUNT. Policies'Issued during1 the year 2 550 Amount Insured thereby 55 40 904 46 Polieies in force December 31st, 1895 1506'' Amount insured therehy, includins; additions $2 7H2 B83 et T.tal amouut paid Holders since organization ...V. $5,816.929 SI O. R. LOOKER, President. JAMES H. CTIMMINS, Secretary. C, A. KENT, Ist Vice-President. G. W. SANDERS, Actuary. HOYT POST, -ná Vice President C. A. DEVENDORF, M. D., Med. Director. B. J. CONRAD, Agent, Ann Arbor, Mich.


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