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Neighbors found the body of George Rudman, an old uaau, lying in his back yard Wednesday morning. He had evidently dropped dead the night before as there were no tracks iu the slight snow that feil then. The sheriff was inforraed of the neighbors' ghastiy fled. Lamps in the house were lighted and there was every appearance that the wife, who is childish in her old age, had not noticed that her hnsbaad had not been in the honse all night. When the honse was entered she was fonnd in bed asleep. Mr. Rudman was bom in Willshire, England, in 1819. He worked for a while in the same shop with Wm. Allaby, sr. , at Rochester, N. Y., afterwards working for Mr. Allaby after the two catne to Ann Arbor. In 1868 he went to live on a farm in Ann Arbor town, where he resided 12 yoars, ooming to Ana Arbor at the expiration of that time. He was twice married, first in 1800 to Mrs. John Curtis, of thia city, who died in 1890. The following year he married Mrs. Franc├ęs Beekman, who survives hiru.