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Circuit Court Cullings

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The March terra of the circuit oourfc opened Monday. The followiug buHiness was transacted : Cases nolle prossed: People vs. Dingman, rape; People vs. Charles Hmes, robbery; People vs. Jacob Alack, false preteuses. In tbe case of tbe Board of Supervisors vs. Paul G. Suekey, au order was issued allowing p'aintiff to file an aineuded biil of parrioulars. Thirty days were giveu to file a bilí of exoeptions in the oase of Shadford vs. Ann Arbor Street Ey. Co. Coutiuued by consent: John Sobinidt vs. AlfredPaul; Thomas Suoy vs Thos. Birkett; Adara Brown vs. Fred Eiting. Tuesday's proceedings: Case of John F.Feliikampvs Henry Koetbe contiuued ; People vs C. P McKiustry, defeudant waived the informatiou and gave recognizance in sum of $1,500 with A.L.Nowlin as seourity, Edward H. Wint pleaded not gnilty to a charge of violating liqnor law, case coutianed. Judment of $195 03 given defendant in case of Hugo Soherer vs. Fergnson Road Cart Co. Judgiuent of $1,168.89 by cot sent in case of J. D. Corey vs. John T. Feldkamp. Walter Fiuk pleaded guilty to a charge of assault with inteut to kill and was sentenced to three months in the Detroit house of eorreetion. Herbert Flowers pleaded guilry to a charge of larceny and was sentenced to oue year at Ionia. Sadie LeVear pleadnd guilty to charge of being a tippler aud ■was seutenced to oue year in the Detroit house nf eorreetion. Charles Tbotupson pleaded guilty to a charge of hirceny and was sentenced to Jaokson prison for oue year. Wrn. D. Day, guilry of larceny, oue year at Jaokson. The larceny case of the people vs. Huddy was tried Tuesday. Huddy was found guilty. County Ooinmissioner Wedemeyer defended Huddy and made his naaiden speech in nis behalf. The jury in the damage case of Francés Depuy vs. City of Ann Arbor refrurned a verdict of no cause of actiou last night Mrs. Dupuy sued for $20.000 damages.claimiug to have sustained injuries by falling into a sewer ditch.


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