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Water And Alcohol

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If iustead of watering onr flcrwers we nsed alcohol as the fluid, our flowers would be injured or killed. If the clouda poured forth their fatness in the form of alcohol, our vegetation would universally perish. If we tried to feed our families of men and lower animáis on aloohol, our animal nature would be a home of disease, ending in a speedy and certain death. If we even diluted onr natural fluid with alcohol, onr home throughout the vegetable and animal world, were it minute or inighty, would deteriórate and perish ; while, as we know well, if we depend on water alone, it flourishes and lives. The necessity of water for the purpose of life is the fact of facts, traceable in everymoving animal or vegetable form, and in man himself of all forms, though so many do not grasp the fact owing to the perverted custom that prevails. Life, indeed, is enshrined in far larger numbers of vater drinking human animáis than in those whioh admix the true fluid with flnids that are false. Por strength, activity, intelligence, generation, longevity, the human family, of all living animáis, is the single exception as to the use of any other fluid. All the rest depend on one fluid aa the holdar of life - the grand intermediate between the solid substance and the living essence with which it ia blended - the water of life. As the great ocean of water blenda isles and continent which teem with life, so the ocean of the body blends our solids in movable form with the universe of life itself, by which we are made living organizations, good or bad.


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