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Ministering To A Quiet Kentucky Flock

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In a pleasant, social little Kentncky town not long ago a new minister arrived. Fervent in his mission against the world, the flesb and the evil one and not duly considering the points of hia compass, he delivered from his pulpit the first Snnday a tirade against card playing. On Monday the wealthiest meinber of his flock called on him and said: "Oh, dear Brother Parker, yonr sermon was very unwise. Yon will offend half yonr people if yon talk against cards. We are just a little qniet community all by ourselves here, and we play cards whenever we want to. Don't say anything more about card playing. " So the next Sunday the new preacher launched ont on dancing. Again the wealthy member visited him to say that his church people had always danced all they wanted to, and he must not say anything more against dancing. The evil of horse racing was his eubjeot the following Sunday, and this brought the rich member to him in great distress oi muid. "Great goodness, Brother Parker, this is one of the flnest horse sectious in the state I You are boeide yourself when yon try to put down liorse racing. " "Well, " said the despondent preacher, "if you say so I'll have to let these evils alone. Next Sunday I'll abuse the Jews. " "All right," remarked the wealthy member, "but don't overlook the fact that ï'm the only Jew in Tour gation."


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