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Pensioning Teachers

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The school board sornetime apo pointed a oomraittee for the pürposeof ousidering the advisability of pensioung local teachers, who have been in ;he pnblic scbouls of the city for a long eugth of time. There are two teachers in the grammer school who have leid their positious for over 30 years, aud thore are others who have beeu here twenty. It seems as if after they had spent the bost years of their lives in uiouldiug the rninds of the youug.iu pre paring theui for the warfare of life, ;hey should reoeive reoognition frotn he city,when,old in service and brokeu in health, they are forced to lay down their ïneans of livelihood. When that time coraes, aud it must come to thom sooner or later, their service to the pnblic has beeu a long and laborious one aud they are nnfltted to earn a livelihood in other fields. They are as worthy of pensions as the old soldiers, to whom for forcitnde and faithfulness to duty they may well be compared. The matter may enlist state attention and Michigan, like Illinois, some day look after the teachers who have beoome snperannnated by age and sickness from longer keeping up in their class work. In Illinois the money is raised by taxing the teachers a small percentage on their incomes. Why could not Michigan adopc the same rnetbod? The only hardship that would be worked would be in the primary departments, where teachers' compensations are not adequate to take even the smallest sum from their rnonthly stipends even for so worthy a cause. But it would indeed be a close flsted teacher in the higher branches, where the pay is reasouable, who would not be willing to pay his or her small sharein assisting those whose lives have been devoted to one of the most noble miseions on earth, and who, many of them alone and without the close ties of home, hare to finally give up their life long vocations. The annual meeting of the Farmer's Vigilance Assouiation of the townstnps of Augusta, Ypsilanti, Pittsfield and York, will be heldin the United Workman's hall, Union block, Ypsilanti, Saturday, March 14th, at one thirty sharp. Secretary. President.


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