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Over One=Half of the People of Michigan Suffer From Y Catarrh. There is Not the Least Need of Any body Doing so When One Bottle of Warner's Catarrh Remedy =gJ SÜRE GURE Most People in Ann Arbor Know Those Who Have Testified as Follows : Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 16, 1895. [ Ann Arbor, Mick., Oct. 5, 1891. Ann Arbor, Mich.,Sept. 23, 1895. iwith a bronchial catarrh, which has Warner Catarrh Gure. Co., Warner Catarrh Cure Co., , Warner Catarrh Cure Co., been a constant annoyance in speakDear Sirs: - I was troubled with ' ■ fl rivi .-v __ _ "1 - . Gentlemen: - Having had catavvh for ing and singing I was so bad last Gentlemen:- After suffenng for a tairh for a number of years. I tried ITÏ H Q[ O Q iJ p T I L-m I fl over twenty-fiye years, and spent sevsummer that rny voice almost failed number of years from catarrh and tryphysicians and different remedies llUV CUtL m. J mJ M. TT llv era' bundred. dollars with the best me. I could not use my voice in singing almost every cure Icould hear of, I without getting permanent) relief. ' jL physioians, and different remedies, ing, and only in moderate speaking was persuaded to try your catarrh Warner's Catarrh Remedy was recomFT, t tí A T A % without getting permanent relief, for some time. I have used a great remedy, and I am glad to say that mended to me by one who was cured f "wwL #'Í"ÉTb1 after takiug two mouths treatment deal of medicine, and several remedies after taking two bottlesl was entirely of chionic catarrh with your medicine. Cl IC Um witl' your ?atarrtl remedy, can state warranted specifics for the trouble, cured. I wou ld cheerfully recomwend The flrst bottle I took stopped the drop■■ w- %,M.M.r M. M. . that I nowfeel perfectly well, acd I but found no relief until I used your it to any one suffering from catarrh as ping in my throat, and I must admit most cheerfully recommend it to all remedy, 1 can now use my voice for I am sure if it could cure the catarrh that three bottles positively cured me who are suffering with that dreaded singing and anticípate a complete that I had it will cure others. of catarrh of the head and stomach. disease in any form. , cure through the use of your remedy. Your3 very truly, In conclusión I will say that I most . Yoars very respectfully, You have my permission to refer in CHAS. W.'DAKE. cheerfully recommend Warner's Ca 11 rl PUSEY W. MOOBE. ihe matter as you may see fit. tarrh Remedy to all who may be V II ■ 1 V15l% ■ f Tl r ïl fll Ann Arbor. Mich., June 28, 1804. Very truly yours, Grand Haven Mich Sent ZO 1895 troubled with catarrh in any form. 1 UU I T 1CI Y i_ % %J % I IVR Warner Catarrh Cure Co., CHAS. W. MELLOR. Grand Haven, Mich., bept. 20, 1895. BENJAMIN GLASSFOBD. J K Gentlemen:-My exerience with 266 N. College Ave. Warner tatarrh Cure Co., Leroy, Okio,February 13. 1895. IT Warner's Catarrh Remedy has been so , 4 1 nrvh Vth ?t w Dear'Sirs- It affords me much Warner Cata-n-h Cure Co , . f%f1 sati.factory thaL I most cheerfully reAnn Arbor, Mich., September 23, 1895. pleasure to add my testimony, as to Gentlemen:- Your remedy has cured J lll commend its use to anyone wbo needs Warner Catarrh Cure to., the value of Warner's Catarrh Reme my daughter and myself; also three K ' a thi',at application or has catarrhal Gentlemen:- Your catarrh eure is dy, Ihave taken two bottles of your members of a Phillips family and a r- 11 T -i tronble. Yours tru y all right, as my son has tried it and it remedy and am greatly relieved and Miss Gratton, all having been sufferers 1 V%fii4 f4fli F. T. McOMBER. has helped him wonderfully, and 1 by taking one more bottle I will be of catarrh. Please ship at once one ICI W UI 11 Grand Rapids, Mich., Deo. 12, 1894feel sure it will cure him by the time cured. dozen bottles. -■- ■■"■w TT m. xwa Warner Catarrh Cure Co., he takes another bottle. Yours respectfully, Yours truly. Gentlemen:- I wish to state that I Respectfully, WlLFORI) W. DAKE. MRS. B. McFARLAJnD. have been bothered for several years JAMJbh m. wiiia. Tlie Washtenaw Evening Times Says of Warner and His Remedy x "C. 0. Warner is having splendid success with his new catarrh remedy, and though he has done practicall.y no advertising at all reports that the sale is increasing so rapidly that he expects to soon be obliged to rent a building for the sole purpose of manufacturing the remedy. The Times congratulates Mr. Warner on his success, which is well deserved. The remedy is certainly a good one for there are numbers of well-known and prominent people right here in Ánn Arbor who have been cured of long standing cases of catarrh. They are so well pleased with their cure that they give Mr. Warner considerable verv valuable advertising by telling of the efficacy of Mr. Warner's remedy in their cases. Among those who have been cured of catarrh here may be mentioned, F. T. McOmber and C. W. MellorMr. Mellor's case was an especially bad one, it compelling him to give up his singing last year. The Times hopes to see Mr. Warner succeed in building up a fine business, for the good character of his remedy certainly deserves to bring him success." Present Laboratory at No. 45 East Ann street. Now the Important Question is, Have You the Catarrh? The time to Cure it is RIGHT NOW and, if You will Believe Your Neighbors, whom You Know are Honest, You will use WARNER'S CATARRH REMEDY because it cures. For Sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by # # WARNER CATARRH CURE CO., ann arbor,


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