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The Organ Concert Tonight

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The means of attachment to the Oolumbian organ to bemadeat University hall tonight by the Farrand & Votey Co., of Detroit (who by the way constructed the large organ) is as follows: The roll of paper is placed in a box, a door with glass panel closed, the closing of which operates to open a sruall valve admitting compressed air oonduetedby a flexible tube froin the bellows, to the chamber iu whioh the roll is placed. A small pnenmatic motor is then started, whioh causes the paper to be draven along over a uhannel board containiug as mauy cbannels aR there are keys to the organ. As the perforations in the paper commuDicate with tbe oorrespondmg obannel, or channels, in the board, conipressed air is admitted, which, throngh the medium of a very small pnenmatic, makes aa electrical contact, thereby prodacing the same result, as far as sounding the pipes ís concerned as would the depressing of the keys. Thefollowing is the program that will be rendered : Fugue in G minor, Baoh. Overtnre, "Rienzi, " Wagner. Scènes Pittoresfues, Marche, Air du Ballet, Angelus, Fete Boehme, Massenet. Murillo - Allegro de Concert, Tershak. Rhapsodie Hongroise, No. 2, Liszt. Scherxo, " Midsummer Night's Dream, " Mendelssohn. Overture "Flying Dutchman," Wagner. Part 2. First Orchestral Suite, Allegro, Adagio, Scherzo, Allegro Finale, Henrich. Funeral March and Chant Seraphic, Gulmanti. Henry VIII Musio.Intermezzo.Graceful Dance, E. G-erman. Overture, "Tannhanser," Wagner. Les Preludes, F. Liszt Fantasie Bnlliant - Themes from Faust.S. Smith. Jubilee Overture, Weber


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