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A Garden In The Snow

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"Snow, snow, go away!" sang Posy. "Why, what is the matter?" asked Cousin Nanny. "Here I've been waiting for this olc snow to melt and more keeps coming all the tiroe," grumbled Posy. "I never can raake my garden. " "Bat yon can have a winter garden,' persisted Nanny. "Come out, and I'll show y ou how. " "First we must have a hedge ronnc our garden," said Nanny. o they picked tiny branches of arbor vitae and stuck fchem into the snow to make a little square yard. "Now for fruit trees," said Nanny, breaking off some sprays of red cedar, with their pretty blue berries. " Jusi the color of plums. " Little sprigs of wintergreen looked like apple trees loaded with red fruit, and pieces of lichen scraped f rom the olc fence made paths all through the wee garden. "But where are our flowers?" askec Posy. "I'm just coming to them!" said Nanny, asshebroughtsome bits of holly froru the house. "These are our roses - red ones, see!" Next they stuck in berries withoul any sterns, to represent' the smaller flowers. Scarlet partridge berries and crimson barberries made a beautiful gay border. When all was finished, with a background of pure, white snow, it was jusi the daintiest little garden that you ever saw. "How long will it last?" asked Posy. "TTill Ihe snow birds eat it up," saic Cousin Nannv. "And then we will make another. ';


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