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Tuke a run over fo London and tbere try to do basinoss nefove 10 and 1 1 in the ïïioraing. and tenrn bov? imponible ït will be, becario the Euglishman is tborotighly mibuocl with the idea that business i= ku incident of and not the sole aiin and eadof )ife. Theroisno nation of the worW wherein work is regarded as it is ■witli ns; no other nation "lives that ir may ?ork, " as we do. They "wcfk Ibat i;k v raay livo;" tbey thoronghly livo v; hila thoy live. We toil and slave that we may Isave ruoney to those who, bécansé of onr very work, ■wil] not inherit tho vital strength to prcperly utilizo cn'i enjoy it. Individual exceptiGnR might seem to negative onr assertion, btit wo are not dealingwith individuals, butour nation as a whole, and as a wholo we fear not contradiction of the assertion that the great American nervous system is in a deplorable condition of prostration, and that this lamentable condition of affairs has been the direct outcome of our methods of work. nartioularlv dtirine


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