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Circumventing Them

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Before Bismarck reconstrncted the map of Etirope, and made a united Germany, a dozen little prinoipalities nsed to annoy travelers by retaining them at their frontiers nntil they had satisfied the ccstoru house demands. A Yankee once had his carriage stopped at the 'frontier of a petty prihce's country. The berr ober-coutrolenr at the custoni house carne forward, and, much to his iüdiaation, was received in a nonchalant way. The Yankeo was ungentlernanly enongh not to get out of the carriage, nor even take ofï his hat. The herr ober sharply demanded the keys of the tónrist s trunks, which his subordínate began handling ronghly. "Here, hands off!" shoutfid the Yankee. "I didn't come frona the United States of America to be controlled by you. Put those trunks back. I'll not go through you at all. I'll turn back. I'm in no hurry, and don't mind losing a few hours. You're no country, you're onlyaspot. I'll go round you. " And he


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