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Illustrating A Sermon

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A nortn country clergyrnan once made â– olear even to tho dnllest of bis fluck the Jifficulty of treadiiig the sfraight and narrow path, as coutrasted with descent on the spacioua highway leading in the other direction. Befora he was well tarted in his discourse h ran down the pulpit stairs and proceeded to snit the actioD to the word. "My brethren, " he cried, "the road to heaven is like this. " And lying flat on the banister he began to pull himself op, hand over hand, as laborionsly as a boy climbs as greased pola. At last he reached the top, and got on his feat again, happy in hisChristian "victory. Then, having taken breath, he xhorted his hearers to look at the road to the other place, doubled one leg under him and slid down the rail in a half sitting posture with a rapidity and race that betrayed a iuvenile familiar' ity with the Pearson's Weekly.


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