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New York, March 5.- Dr. Joaquín Castillo has been appointed chancallor of the Cuban legation in America. Tha appointment wae made by Tomai Entrada Palma, president of íbo revolutionary party or junta. Mr. Palma ha had more Work than ha could potibly attond to and he requeited Dr. Cattillo to remain in this country and take charas of the junta's work in thl city, whila Mr. Palma wiü dTot hia tima to diplomatie matter i Waineon. Dr. Castillo wm aduaatad lm Parí, and carne to thi eouutry Ín 1170. H U a ffratiuate of tka UnlTriy f Panngylvunia. Bcfor taa Uiwd SMtea aral board, Di. Castilla yacaá a hlfk aompi'titiTe amitloQ, un wa dotailad to the United StaVa itaamar Wabatk, la Boston. Ma roluntaaraá hi nrrioai as surgeon os tha KoJjêr, wkiek iraal la soiireh f tha JaanBCtt zptdttloa. H served ctghteu nouthi 1 tka arotla isas, assiBted in tha nicut uf tha Jsannatto EurvÍTora, aad mturutid to tkii clly. AuinnUMitlou for CIkqi. Rafael Purtuundo, teoratary of tatu of the republie of Cuba, h receirad cipher diapatche which anuounoad the iafa arrival ín Cuba of four expeditiong which sailod from diffjreut American porti durinff February. Th urjfenS necessity of ammuniúon in the insurgant armi3, particularly thosa of Gañerais Gómez and Antonio Maceo, induced Scretary Portuondo to niiske ariausaments for the deparmre ot' several small expeditions, to Bail from Bouthern porta of the United States. The first left this country Feb. 4, cin-ying 250 rifles and 170,000 rounds of ammunition. Accompanying thia expedition Trere flfteen men. ïhesecoud expadition left Feb. 7 with 150 rifles, 153,000 curtridges and twelve men. The khird expeditlon left Feb. V, with 250 rifles and twenny men. The fourth expodition sailad from the United State Fob. 16 and carried 100 rifle and 80,000 rounds of ammunition and ten men. These expeditions, it is eaid, landsd on different partí of the Cuban coast, thrue on the south coast and the fourth on the north uouc.


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