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Pingree In Washtenaw

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Pingree is evidently the favorita for the Republican nomination ia Washrenaw county just at present. Buttons bearing the familiar features of Detroit's mayor have been distributed both here and at Ypsilanti. J. W. Walsh, the inayor'snewspaper man secretary, has beeD busy floodiug the cöunty with the ïnayor's literature, which he O. K's. in accordanoe with his well established cnstom. Pingree does not believe either that it is well to leave everything to hi trusted lieutenants. He believes tliat :t ia well to show his rlassio brow among those whose saffrages he desires, well to talk potatoes and oorporations and drink f rom the cnp that cheeis in the presence of thoss whose well wishes he so deeply desires. So it carne to pass that he aooepted the inviiation of Win. F. Evans, of Ypsilanti, tu speud Saturday eveuing at his handsome Ypsilauti borne. Ann Arbor was represented by Sheriff Judsou. and ex-Oil Inspector Platt, of Pittsfield, he who focused the eyes of the state upou himself the other day by declaring at a farmers' institute that the i-alary of oil oommissiouer was a steal, was ainong those present. Mr. Pingree shook hands with every oue present with great impartiality. He presented his stereotyped opinions on trusts whioh he delivers everywhere and said that corpofations were thieves. He roasted James Everythiug Scripps and said that he oared more for the Newsbnys' Assooiation's influenoe thau he did for that of the Scripps' two Detroit dailies. He said that he was at present receiving 300 letters a day f rom people all over the oounty promising him support. "If I am any judgo," said he,"I am going to get the nomination for governor." He also expressed the view that two cents a mile was enough to pay for railroad transportation. A Pingree club was organized at Ypsilanti this week and the mayor's perennial smile is supposed to have widened by two hairs' breadths since he attended the Ypsi"Dutch lunch."


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