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for Infante and Children. THIRTY yttri' oTtaeTvatton of Castoris tritfc the patronage f milllon af paraons, pennit ns to spaak f i-t -without goesting. ït is nnqnestloaa'bly the hert remedy far ïnfant and Children the world ha rrar knair. It U UrnltM. Children lik it. It { KiraB thom hcalth. It wül av thclr litnas. In it Mothen ha-ra BOiethlag Trhioh ia alolataly afc and praatieally perfeat as tt Juld's mdlcina. Cortarla iwriwyi Wnnt. Castria allays IFavrialm- . Castoria prerants voipitiBg Son Cnrd. Castoria omrw Diarrhcea amj VTind Collo. Catorla reitere Taathlng Trontlc. Castoria onrai Constlpatlon and Flatnlancy. Castoria nentralig the effect of carbonio acid gas or polionona air. Castoria doe not oontain morpnine, opium, or other narcotio property. Castoria a- imilate tha food regnlate the etomach and bowel, glving haalthy and natnral sleep. Castoria is pnt np in one-size bottles only. It is not oW in Dolk. Pon't allo-w any ona to salí yon anything ela on the plea or promiae that it is "jnt sv good" and "irlll anrwer every pnrpose." Sea that jran pat OA-S-T-O-R-I-A. The fac-mfanll yf _Sf " UT" ialtgvgT natura af Crta&XL( ■& Ájj wrappa. Children Cry for Pltcher's Castoria.


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