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His Vigilance Rewarded

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There is a man u Bnena Fark who ■ has always been afraid of beiug robbed I by f ootpads. A few weeks ago he decided I tbat he would prepare hiruself to defend liis prcperty aud pergou if attaoked. So i be piucbased a revolver - not au nar;; revolver, bnt a long barreled one, the eort the cowboys carry ont west. For several nigbts he carried the gun, and the assnrancowith which be walked no doubt frightened the footpads, for they left him nnmolested. He wat pleased with the genie of secnrity he feit froni the tlvumping1 of this weapon against bis log, and bis ieawwere quisted nntil one night not long go. The idewalks wei slippurj, and he waï pickiug his way along toward hia hom, yihtu a man Lmnipsd g inst him. Th affeadw wu profui ia hii pologiet aa he itrmggled to rgaiu hii foothold. "It wm purely accidantal, I awmr yon, ir," taid hs. "Certainly, ertaiaI7," rflplisd Ui Bacila Pazk ina, "no harm doat, " and ihsy upanM. M. womwit later he feit for hl wafob, it wm goue. Thee be feit for hii gna; it vea safe, aud it (ice and wight nr him courage. He renied and itarted on the rii in tbe diraction the man had taken, aud bWore he had gooe a blook oveilook hija. He grabbed him by tbe olla.' with hi left baad, and. ttiokin j the piitol ia bi face, commanded liim to gi-ve np the wt,tch. "All right, all rijht; don't hooi," seid the trembling man, aa he handed ont a wateb, and, breakicg away, ran down the atreet as fait as his legi would caxry him. "I'll teech yon footpadi thing or tvro, " shouted the Buena Park man, bnt there was uo response, and putting the ■watch in his pocket he started toward home. At each step he grew more and more iadignant at tbe tate of iociety that permitted snch criminal a piokpockets and footpadi, ant1 when he reached home he was very angry. "What makes you look so ferooiou?" v?ere his wife's flrst words. "Been held np; fellow took my watch, bnt I got it"back again,"he said. "What are yon talking abont? Yon left yonr watch at home this morning," said she as she took from his pocket the watch that belonged to the other man. The Buena Park man is still advertising for the owuer of that watch. -


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