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Take Care Of The Chest

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"rake care of your chest, says a physical culture teacher, "and the rest oL yonr body will take care of itself. The chest isthechief thingtobe remembered. Keep it well raised and your head, spine and shoulders will involuntarily assume their proper positions 'without any efïort on yor.r part. The cry from parents and teachers used to be, 'Throw your shonlders back !' But this mistaken notion is now completely esploded. The ehoulders have nothing to do with correct posture. It is all the chest, and ita elevation or depression willregulats the rest of the body. The chest is the seat of all things bpiritual, elevatad and ennobling. Bring it into promineno and you bring into prominenoe the best qualities of your nature. "It has been eaid that whatever psychologiual attribute is most marked in a human being is oorrespondingly most marked in bis physical being. If he's a glutton, hls stomach is most in evidence ; if a acholar or brain ■werker, bis head is eure to be thrust well forward ; but if he preserves a proper intellectual balance he walks with bis chest iu advance of the rest of hie body. "It is curious, too, how one may really influenc his own mental condition in tbis way. Jut try and see how impossible it is to say, 'Oh, how happy I an!' with sueleen chest and spent breath. Ono involuutarily lifts his chest and takes a good long breath wbeu he saya anything optimistio and brare, for if he doesn't h miglit just as well say 'Have msrcy üu tu miserable ilnnera. ' Th effect is tha same. There is no surar cure for th 'bluea' or like roaladies than meraly lifting the chet and taking a good, long broath. It soarci away all


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